Help me decide which bag to buy.....I want them all but can only choose ONE

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Please help me choose a bag. TIA

  1. Trevi GM

  2. Trevi PM

  3. Delightful GM

  4. Keep saving for Luminese PM

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  1. Hi lovely ladies I am planning on buying a new LV bag in two weeks time & I have 4 bags I like.....I love the Trevi but not sure which size plus I also love the Delightful GM & I would need to save a bit more but I love the Luminese PM

    Any advice or opinions on these bag would be greatly appreciated.....TIA :biggrin:
  2. I love and own the Trevi GM. But it is very heavy even when empty. I also love and own the Delightful GM - more comfortable on my shoulder. I like the Luminese but not interested in having one. Good luck deciding!
  3. What bags do you currently own?
  4. i have trevi pm and delightful gm, i adore and use my trevi pm more. :heart:
  5. I love trevi PM but not on me. I'm 5ft7. Maybe it looks better on someone a little less tall than me.
  6. Hi I have quite a few Chanels, Bals, Celine, Prada & a few other makes but the only LV bags I'm left with after selling some are Alma Vernis Pomme, Mono Speedy B 35 & Mono Eva so I don't own a DE bag so maybe that would make a nice change but I no longer own a hobo bag as I sold them all so thats why I decided on the Delightful GM & tried it once in the boutique & liked the way it sagged IYKWIM
  7. And how do you plan to use the bag, e.g. For casual outings or office purpose?
  8. Both casual & dressy but not for nights out..... I always use one of my Chanel flaps in the evening.
  9. Go for Delightful GM since you don't have a hobo bag now.
  10. I like the Delightful GM and the Trevi GM... But i'd go for the Delightful :smile:
  11. Sorry to ask another question: how much stuff do you bring in your bag - do you usually bring heavy stuff (e.g. IPad, books)? If yes, then I go for delightful, if no, then I go for Trevi PM...

    Pardon me - the habit of asking question is in the blood... I am in consulting business :smile:
  12. having the delightful already i would say get the trevi gm...
    if u can hold off i say get the lumi in pm!
    which color would you get?
  13. Trevi PM! One of my most favourite bags. I've had the Lumi but had cracking issues with it, not sure if it's been fixed yet.
  14. Save for the Lumi - I'm not a lover of the Trevi and the Lumi is just heads and tails above the the Delightful. Is there a little something you could buy to hold you over? Maybe a charm or scarf?
  15. I've read about the cracking issue, I hope the fix it for you but when your spending that much you really don't expect that to happen.

    I love the Trevi PM its so pretty, how do you find the opening is it big enough to get into easily, my Alma MM sometimes drives me crazy because I'm used to Bals & Chanel bags which I find so easy to use.