Help me decide what to get for my birthday!


What should I get for my birthday?

  1. RG TT Ballon Bleu

  2. RG TT Rolex Datejust

  3. YG TT Ballon Bleu

  4. YG TT Rolex Datejust

  5. Cartier Orchid Necklace

  6. RO Leather Jacket

  7. Save the money! Buy something better in 10 years!

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    Hey girls! You've been so great in helping me decide things in the past (especially my Love bracelet)...I need your help again :p

    I've got a significant birthday coming up, and I thought I'd get something nice for myself so that I'll look forward to this date (vs dread that I'm getting older and hide under a blanket). I'd like to get something timeless/classic and I'd use for at least the next 10+ years (till the next significant birthday :biggrin:)

    Here's what I'm thinking about:

    1. Cartier Medium RG TT Ballon Bleu:

    2. Rolex RG TT Datejust 36mm

    3. Either one of the two in YG (I love RG and have a RG Love bangle...however, I want something that will be timeless.)

    4. The RG Cartier Orchid necklace that was out of stock when I tried to buy it

    5. The Rick Owens motorcycle jacket (a little hesitant about this, though it is significantly cheaper than the other options and I've been DYING to get one)

    6. DBF's solution is for me to just put that money into an account and reap the rewards later....but that's no fun!

    What are your thoughts? I'm thinking of a watch because that is the only piece of jewelry (aside from the Love) that I wear 24/7. (Literally 24/ the shower, to sleep, if I worked out, I'd probably take it off...but I don't ha!) I love how the BB looks, however, I've been told that for the $ and 24/7 wear, a Rolex would do much better.

    I'm currently wearing a ...shhh...$100 black ceramic Fossil watch, which I love, simply because it looks a lot nicer and expensive than it really is...I get compliments all the time! The ceramic has held up amazingly; it looks perfect despite being slammed around for the past year.

    But at the same time, I think that if I'm relatively content with my watch, I should get the RO jacket, but I feel like that is something more trendy.

    Or if anyone has any other ideas...My budget is about 8-10k, though would love to spend less.

    TIA!! :heart:
  2. I voted for Rolex YG watch. Before I had my first luxury watch (Rolex), I had a fossil too. Since then I wear Rolex 24/7 for the past 7 yrs. I think it's best practical piece and stable of jewelry.
  3. I voted for the cartier orchid necklace, so gorgeous and a great way to celebrate you birthday!!
  4. I voted for the necklace.
  5. Vote for RG Rolex. Are u thinking of VCA at all?
  6. I voted for the necklace. But then again, I'm not into watches, so that's just me! In the long run, a quality watch may be a better investment.
  7. rose gold TT Ballon would match with your rose gold love bracelet PERFECTLY!
    Plus EVERY girl needs a cartier watch.It is just too classic and pretty on a girl´s wrist.
    Rolex can wait.

    good luck with your choice.
  8. RG TT Cartier BB with pink MOP face is my dream watch. Which color face were u thinking of? Your links took me to Chanel watches on my phone lol.
  9. How has the maintenance for your Rolex been? I think automatic movements look more elegant, but I'm afraid of the maintenance attached to them.

    sigh...all of the VCA pieces that I've fallen in love with are sadly out of my price range :cry: I want to stay away from bracelets...any pieces you recommend?

    haha love it! "rolex can wait". I'm still fairly young, which is why I'm a little hesitant about getting a Rolex. I feel like Rolexes are a teensy bit more "boring" until you get into the high price tag ones, whereas the BB really captured my heart when I tried it on. However, I've heard that BBs aren't really water resistant...For example, you can't wear them in the shower despite the fact that they say they are water resistant?! Any thoughts?

    Ugh..stupid links. That's exactly what I'm looking at! The only thing that I would want to add is the ability to put in the date...I can never keep straight which day it is. :p
  10. The Cartier watch is beautiful!!! I have a rolex but, get the Cartier.
    You need a nice watch..just take it off when you shower. Worth it!
    The necklace is fine but I would get the watch first.
    After that...take a closer look at VCA....the Alhambra and the frivole lines.
    Classic beauties.
  11. Voted for YG TT Rolex. I have the 31mm with scattered diamond bezel and I :heart: it.
  12. I know that the diamond ones are so expensive. how about the 10 alhambra necklace? it's a great starting piece and a staple piece that will last for years.
  13. i have the rose gold TT pink pearl face.But i´ve never wear it in water or shower or pool yet.I have worn it in the rain though,got a few drops on it,but nothing happened.haahaha:graucho: I would love to know if it´s really water resistant from anyone who experienced it.