Help me decide what to do - Damier Speedy!

  1. Okay - here's the question to all my PF friends. I've started liking my Damier Speedy more and more because it has been raining ALL the time and it's just such a great bag in the rain. I have the 25.

    Ever since I bought my mono 30 through, the Damier 25 is looking so small to me and since I'm not a skinny minny anymore when I use it I feel like it looks small. My daughters say I'm crazy and they like the Damier Speedy better in the 25. I just bought mine (I think it was either late June or early July of 2006), so it's only about 7 months old and I've used it probably about 20 times so it looks brand new.

    I have someone that is all set to buy it and is offering me $450.00. I'm in a quandry because I don't know whether to keep it, or take a $150.00 loss and sell it and get the 30. I'm afraid if I sell it, get the 30, that I may be sorry and not like this print quite as well as I do my mono 30 (it looks a little bigger somehow in the Damier). However, I would probably get used to it like I did my mono one.

    However, I'm also worried that it's a fairly big loss on a mint speedy -

    I just don't know what to do - HELP!
  2. that is a fairly big loss on a mint speedy. i think it first i thought the damier speedy 30 was so small, but now the more i see it on myself, the more i think, damn this thing is quite large...and somehow, i do know what you're saying about how in damier the 30 looks somehow bigger than the mono. it kind of depends on your height and size imo...i'm 5'6 and in heels (which i always am) i'm at least 5'9, and i think i'd look silly with a 25...but that's just my opinion.

    maybe you can post pics with you modeling the 25 and we'll see? :wlae:
  3. then sell it for more.

    i love my damier 30. i am no skinny minny either and right now i think my mono 25 and even epi 25 are a little small for me. the damier 30 is the perfect size. but if you're not sure why not go to lv first and try it on and see how you feel holding it irl?
  4. ^^^^ yes! go to lv!
  5. I'm 5'2" but not so thin anymore (about a 12) which is what I am worried about. All I see are really tiny people with the 25. It carries all my things, but I'm also worried I'll sell the 25 and then things will come up (finances with the girls with two in college) and that I'll end up not getting the 30 and be sorry I went ahead. Ah, such a quandry!
  6. I just bought my Damier Speedy 30 and absolutely LOVE it! I had a mono Speedy 25 when I was younger, but have always liked the look of the 30 better. I would try to sell your mono 25 for more than $450... that is quite a large loss for a mint bag. I really feel you can get more for it - you shouldn' have more than a $100 or so loss on a mint bag like that.
  7. hmm...that is a quandry. I love big bags, so I'm fine with the 30 being big. However $450 is too little for a mint speedy. You could relist later and get a better price. Maybe do BIN for higher. Damier speedys on eBay go quite fast I've noticed.
  8. charleston mom, i'm NEVER a fan of selling bags b/c 1, it's hard to part with a bag, 2, i hate losing money. just get another one. hehehehe
  9. Nancypants - you made me laugh! That's exactly what I needed - a smile. Maybe that's the answer. Save up for a new one, and give the Damier 25 to one of the girls, then I don't feel like I've lost money to a stranger. LOL!
  10. Good idea!! I'm sure one of your girls will love to get it. But if you do decide to sell you should not loose over $100 on it.
  11. the speedy 25 goes for much higher than $450 on eBay... they sell very well. if i were you, i would not accept that much of a loss on a bag that's in excellent/like new condition. i also think it's a better idea to save for the 30, and hand down the 25 to one of your daughters.
  12. It sounds like you have some attachments with this bag. I wouldn't sell it! As some others have mentioned before, just save up and get the 30. Give one of your daughters the 25 if you must. :yes: If I loved a bag so much I would rather give it to someone I loved than sell and take a financial loss. :yes:
  13. Ok - you guys talked me into it - bag goes to one of the girls, which, of course, means I have to figure out 2 more bags! This is a never ending cycle!!! LOL - Thanks guys!
  14. ^^^ congrats on figuring it out before i could comment!!!!!! jk....i'm glad for u! :yahoo: and im soooooo glad for ur daughter!!