Help me decide what I want next.

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  1. I have to say that the fact that I am sitting here thinking about what bag to get next is a bit sad as I just got my lilac 04. :love: I am still loving it but I can't stop thinking about what bag I should get next. :shame:

    I want a bigger bag than the first. I myself don't really consider the first a small bag as most of my other handbags have been smaller than the first. I want something that is going to allow me to put my kids items in it as well when I go out with them. Right now the first holds all my stuff but if I took the kids to the museum and had other stuff it might not fit. They are older and should carry their own stuff but that doesn't all ways happen.LOL

    I am leaning toward a city as I have already seen and owned that size for like 2 seconds and I like how it is slightly taller and wider than my first. I keep looking at the twiggy. I even made a paper model of one :graucho: to see the shape and size. I just like the tallness of the city better. So I am thinking I really want a city or a purse for my next bag. My only problem with the purse is that it doesn't have a bottom so to speak and looks like it wouldn't stand up real well on it's own and sometimes I think it looks a bit matronly. :sweatdrop:

    I guess my biggest delima is color. Isn't that always the case though. :P I am torn between quite a few of them and want other's opinions on things. These are the colors I am considering and my pro's and con's:

    Magenta: There are two cities and a purse on ebay now all in good shape. I have been looking at this color for a while and I have a feeling I am going to like it since it is in the pink family. I also think it will go with my wardrobe.

    The problem I am having about getting it is the whole dark handle thing. I will worry about the handles changing color and I am not sure I want to spend all my time every time I carry the bag worring that will happen.

    04 Rose: There is a city on ebay now that I bid on the last time it was up. I think I like the color but not having seen in in person I am not sure. It is pink though.

    My concerns are the darking of the handles once again, the price and the color not fitting in with my wardrobe. If this is more of a country or old fashioned pink I don't think it would go well.

    05 Bubblegum: None are on ebay right now and I would have to wait. I already had this color in a first and loved it as long as it wasn't faded too much. I would of kept the first if not for the back being slightly darker than the front. So I know I love the color.

    Same concerns with the handles and getting it dirty. Plus, I would have to wait to find one and I hate to wait.

    06 Ink: Yes that's right I am missing my ink city and a big part of me is sad I sold it so fast. It wasn't pink and I didn't think I loved the color but I could of used it with out worry of it getting dirty.

    None on ebay right now and I would have to wait plus if I didn't love the color the last time why should that change other than I am finding myself lusting after darker blue bags these days.

    07 Marine: I would have to wait and I have never seen the color but I would be able to get one new and hopefully in the style and leather I like.

    Once again there is that waiting thing that I hate. :yucky:

    05 Black: There is one with really nice leather on ebay and part of me wants to go for it but for me black is sooo boring. But no worry about getting anything dirty.

    I have also been looking at other darker blue colors like indigo as well.

    So what would you choose or recommend I do.

    Ps sorry for being so long winded!!!:shame:
  2. I'd say magenta City:love:...
    or Ink Work (but I'm partial:shame:smile:
  3. ^^ go for a city in a dark color :tender:

    p.s. i'm worried other styles would be too big for you
    p.p.s. if you're worried about handles, don't do pink
  4. I agree with you aaallabama about the other styles being too big. I am used to smaller bags and I am only 5'4" and tiny so I think I work will be too big and a twiggy to long for me.
  5. I say go for the MAGENTA PURSE !! wink! wink!:lol: Theres an incredible one on ebay right now, what was that sellers name again? hmmm, wait! it will come to me...
  6. Magenta sounds good I get the impression that you're rather a pink than a "blue" girls. Marine will be closed to ink without the purple undertones. So I would go with magenta, pink but rather a darker one.
  7. Well, I can't vouch for long-term use, but so far the LovinMyBags Handle Protectant has worked brilliantly, so if all that's keeping you from one you really want is the possibility of darkened handles, you could just pick up some product and not worry:idea:
  8. I already have the handle protectant but when I used it on the lilac it darkened the handles every so slightly. I am a pain so that bothered me a bit.
  9. Hmmm how about an 04 pistachio city...
  10. Pewter you are bad!! LOL No I only like to eat pistachio's not wear them. I am not a green girl at all. I think I have one green shirt in all of my closet and I painted my bedroom that color and 3 days later after the carpet came decided I disliked it and made hubby paint it back.
  11. Hehehe ;) :P
  12. Meemie, you do seem like a pink girl, so I would advise to go with the darkest pink possible, i.e. Magenta. I know what you mean about the purse, and though I am not a fan, it
    a-would take care of the handle issue, and
    b-is dicontinued, so you can have a style that's less common than the city.

    IMO you can't go wrong with an 05 black city, the leather on those was amazing. Among Marine and Ink, I would choose Ink - but then, you had it and didn't love it, so maybe it's not the right one for you.
  13. definitely Ink work, it'll hold all ur kid's stuff :smile:
  14. my vote's the magenta or the blue india that's in new condition(not my auction)
  15. What about the part-time?? It seems like the perfect blend of first and city??:yes: