Help me decide what color...

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  1. Wanted a Black Ursula quilted hobo. Couldn't find one in time for Christmas. Ended up getting a Cola Ursula quilted hobo. But I already have the Cola Ursula Tote... still with tags on and not yet carried. So I have a Black Ursula Tote on hold... should I swap the Cola tote for the Black one... so I don't have two bags in Cola? I already have a Black Ltd. Edition Stella (with the brass hardware/buckles) and a Black Diane Tote. What say you, fellow tpf-ers? Keep the Ursula Tote in Cola or swap it for Black? :smile: Decisions, decisions!
  2. I think that we cannot never have too many black (and white) bags. Which color do you like more?

    I like Tote more than Hobo for sure so I vote for returning the cola Hobo. I saw a Black Quilted Ursula Hobo on the sale table at NM Fashion Island recently, I am not sure if it's still there. Their number is 1800-395-1036.
  3. I'm a huge fan of BIG bags... but just adopted a baby (born 11 weeks ago today!), and am finding I have a need for a smaller bag... one I can manage easily if I'm also toting the diaper bag. For a while, I had just thrown my keys and lipstick in the diaper bag (talk about downsizing!) but that was not working. Had hoped to use the Ursula Tote as a diaper bag (when I got it, that was my plan) but haven't done that. So I want to keep the hobo... my real dilemma is whether to keep the Ursula Tote in Cola or swap it for black. See your point about you can never have too many black bags... totally leaning that direction, but then thought (because we travel a lot) perhaps carrying the hobo as my purse and the tote as well (when traveling) might make it look like a nice matched set. Thoughts?
  4. ^ BagHound, congratulation on your adoption. I am so happy for you & your family. =)

    I understand now. =) I have seen this Ursula Hobo in real life, it would be a mid-size bag for you since its shoulder strap isn't too long. Cola is a pretty unique color, you can keep the tote as well if you like it. I really like the idea of matching set, I honestly feel that it's totally okay to have 2 bags in the same color/pattern.

    You can also get a small makeup bag to store your little things so that you won't have to search for them in bigger bags. Members and some of my friends highly recommend pursekets to keep bags organized as well, you can check them out here:
    Purseket, the original purse pockets. Put it in a Purseket and Dig No More!

    Feel free to PM me anytime. Happy holidays, hope you & your family will have a wonderful time together. =)