Help me decide what color to buy

  1. My SA sent me the pics of country club bowler. What color should i pick?White or beige?:confused1:
  2. Here're the pics:


  3. I prefer the beige.
  4. Beige for sure...
  5. For a second there, I couldn't even tell the difference. My eyes must be failing me! I like the beige on more. Has a bit of contrast.
  6. i like the beige one, such a neutral color, it's lovely.
  7. I like the white one myself ...I saw this bag at NM in Beverly Hills (might be still there) when I got the green country club tote.
    You can't go wrong either way....not many people have these beauties.

  8. I definitely prefer the beige too.

  9. Beige!
  10. I like the beige.
  11. Another vote for beige.
  12. The beige is cute. Can I ask what the price is on this bag?
  13. I like the white on it !I think of it more as a summer bag and I think white looks much better !:yes:
  14. I vote for White! I think its stunning!:drool::drool:
  15. I like the white. Cute bag!