Help me decide what CL's to get!

  1. I need some advice from all the lovely ladies in here!

    So far I only have 3 pairs, nude No Prives, tortoise Wallis' and Lova Pigalles. I'm looking for another pair to extend my collection. I can't wear heels at work so I'm mostly looking for fun pairs for special occasions.

    Right now I'm eyeing the wine Rolandos and the black/white Anemones. Do you have any other suggestions?
  2. Mmmm wine rolandos. My favorite pair of red shoes, they are TDF.

    Helmuts are fun..they come in fun colors and they are so sexy. Do you like the Lady Gres? I love them..very special occasion type shoe. You wouldn't wear them to go shopping ;) I also recommend the black and red Architeks. They are really comfortable for such a high heel.
  3. Kirie - I think that the 2 shoes that you mentioned, red rolandos and anemones are 2 very different shoes. The rolandos are suprisingly versatile in red and can be dressed up or down, the anemones however are an evening shoe and IMO are reserved for special occassions since they are satin and so dramatic, perfect for black tie events. I think that it would be difficult to dress down the anemone since it is such a statement shoe, it is so special and I think that it works best with a simple black knee length dress. The rolandos can be worn with just about anything and they are much easier to walk in than the 120mm anemones. But since you have the lova pigalles which I believe only came in 120mm, you should already be used to the height.
    What type of occassions do you plan on wearing your new shoes to, I think that might help with the recommendations.
  4. ^ I don't really have any special occasions in mind, just for parties and the occasional weddings. In all honesty I don't get to wear my pretty shoes as much as I would like to but that doesn't stop me from wanting more. You know how it is I guess.

    Priin> I do like the Lady Gres, especially the pewter ones which I believe you have?
  5. Yes I do have the pewter ones. Which shoe do you think you will wear the most?
  6. I guess I would wear the Rolandos the most. I wouldn't get that much use out of the Anemones but they are sooo gorgeous! What colors do you wear with pewter?
  7. Hmm well my vote is for the wine Rolando then! Great shoe..goes with so many things.

    Pewter is an easy shoe to pair clothing goes with pretty much anything since it is a grayish color. However the style is more formal, so you can only wear this with dresses or dress pants. No jeans :sad:
    I will be wearing them with this Nicole Miller gown with the Lady Gres for my parents party.

  8. I saw wine rolandos they look good with dresses and jeans!!!! Plus they are such a pop color!!
  9. Thanks, I will start looking for the wine Rolandos then! You don't think having all patent is wrong then?
  10. I think the wine rolandos are lovely. and at CL BH today, i saw patent red & beige yoyos. both have this gorgeous sparkle to them.
  11. IMO, I think you can wear the pewter lady gres w/ jeans and a great top/blouse. I have worn them with dark wash jeans myself. Regardless, the gown you plan on wearing them with is fab!

    I vote for the rolandos as well. They are really versatile and sexy. I have both the anemone and the rolandos, but you will get more wear out of the rolandos. The anemone is very much a special occasion shoe.

    dls80ucla, the shoes you are referring to are the grease paint yoyos. I posted photos in some thread a while ago, but here they are again.

  12. ^yes! did you buy them? Saks had them in a pink as well.
  13. No I did not. I think the shoe is very pretty, but I prefer the yoyo 110 heel like this...

    In general, I'm not a fan of the sculpted heel, but it works on this shoe since the heel is 110 mm. I stick to the heels that aren't sculpted though.

    Are you thinking of getting them? I do think the grease paint is gorgeous though. Initially, when I was thinking of getting it a while back, I was going to go for the champagne color.
    Loubies 040.jpg Loubies 039.jpg
  14. Nope, patent is so easy to take care of. It's not like suede which is a pain to clean. Congrats!! I hope you find them in your size! :yes:
  15. OMG I really love those sparly ones!!!!