help me decide what bag to waitlist (green first vs. city vs. mini bowling)


green first vs. city vs. mini bowling

  1. first

  2. city

  3. mini bowling

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  1. i cannot decide which one????
    i would like to get a mini bowling because i dont have any mini bowling, but at the same time i want a green city because i only have 1 city.
    my husband likes the first better because he thinks it will be a hot bag to go clubbing with.... and he kinda has a point....
  2. hmmmmmmmmm, can you tell me what the green color is mlp (?) :shrugs:
  3. the grass green....
    sorry girls.....
  4. Hmm, it depends on what size suits your needs the most. If you need the bag more for clubbing than get the first.
  5. I love the city size..
  6. i dont know if i NEED the first. i tend to bring cheaper bag to clubs because i dont trust those clumsy drunk people (me included)......:lol: :lol:
  7. welp, even though i adore the mini-bowler, i don't think i'd like it in grass :s...but i love every color known to man in the first style ;)
  8. ^I agree, aaa, the First looks great in every color! It gets my vote!
  9. keep voting girls....
    i am gonna call BalNY tomorrow....
  10. I voted City simply because it seems like that's what you really want the most... and I always think you should go with your 'gut instinct.' Also, you can't go wrong with the City!!
  11. I prefer the greens a little smaller. Don't know why. And you can never have too many firsts!
  12. I voted for FIRST - for some reason I enjoy the BRIGHT colours in the smaller size...
  13. I do too but the first is just really too small for me so for me a smaller bag would be a twiggy or city!
  14. my vote goes for city! the brighter, the bigger!
  15. I believe this too (well, not too big, I wouldn't go for a weekender), but on the other hand it is right that your husband has a point too...
    I personally love the city size, which depending of your style could be a clubbing bag as well.

    My second choice would be the first. It is a much more classic size/shape, this is probably why your DH likes it (men tend to have quite classic tastes...!), so I would go for a first if:
    - for some reason you feel you have to give a priority to your hubby's choice,
    - taking into account the kind of gal you are and how you dress you think sticking to classic volumes is safer.
    - You really own many bags, and you don't feel you need the option of using this bag when you need to put some more stuff in it (eg. during the day for your work/occupation)