help me decide what bag to get......

  1. this is gonna be my first lv, so i want it to be special. i want it in either monogram canvas or damier canvas. have to be able to fit my wallet, glasses case, planner and possibly small amkeup case. preferably a shoulder bag, but its not a must.
    i have narrowed down to the following:
    damier ribera mini, ilovo mm; monogram mini looping, speedy 25.
    please help me decide......
    am also interesetd in coussin, but it seems too big. anyone has a pic with coussin on?
  2. I would go with speedy 25 as your first LV in either mono or damier!:yes:
  3. ^^ Agreed !
  4. i agree--speedy 25 :yes: classic.
  5. i would pick a batignolles, popincourt haut or a saleya if you want a shoulder bag.

    the coussin and the looping are rather flat bags.
  6. Speedy 25, but that's a handheld bag.

    if you like shoulder bags, consider the Batignolles Horizontal, Popincourt Haut, or Papillon 30
  7. I second that! Either damier or mono speedy 25 is classic.
  8. The Speedy 25 is a classic (just repeat everyone But what about in any of the Multicolours?
  9. maybe i will get a speedy. batignolles and poppincourt haut seem kinda big.
    keep the suggestions coming girls.... going to the mall tomorrow, thus have to decide tonight. :biggrin:
  10. tommy: the multicolors look nice, but i am not too confident to wear it. hahahahahah..... most of my bags are neutral colors (black, brown).
  11. Damier speedy 25! :love:
  12. well if you don't want a shoulder bag, then i'd go for a damier speedy.
  13. Go with the mono or damier speedy 25. I have the damier ribera mini and as much as I love that cute little thing, I only use it as an evening bag. It's way too small and will not fit all your listed stuff like your planner and cosmetic bag. My mom had the Illovo MM (she sold it later) and that bag always lose its shape on her so it was driving her nuts. Personally, I only like the speedy you mentioned.
  14. do they make fakes of damier patterns too?
    i also want something that is not replicated to too much.
  15. What about a mono or damier papillon 30?