Help me decide : Westminster GM or Verona MM

  1. Which one would you get? I went to try on Westminster at my local LV store this evening. I loved how it looked on me with my regular clothes on, but the straps were a bit small and snugged against my thick winter coat. The store had one reserved for another customer and today is her last day to pick it up so I'm waiting for a phone call from them.

    Nevertheless, I kept coming back to my first love Verona mm because of the adjustable straps. I don't see many modeling pics on the bag.

    I have two young children and a working mom. I'm 5'5" size 6-8. I live on the east coast of USA.

    Which bag would you choose if you were me?

    Help. :smile:
  2. There are some modeling pictures in the clubhouse. Honestly, I love the look of the Verona. However, it is not a super comfortable bag to carry. It is a bit heavy and the bottom is big. I still love how it looks, but it has been very long time since I carried her. Maybe if I carried her more the straps would break in - maybe someone else can address this issue.
  3. I only have the PM version of the Verona but I absolutely love her. She is easily my most carried bag because she's big, can be casual or more dressy, and is super durable and low maintenance. The arm drop length is super comfy as well. The only draw back for me is the wide base.
  4. I tried on both the Westminster GM and Verona MM back in August when the Westminster was released. I bought the Westminster and I've been carrying it almost everyday. The Verona is boxy and has very wide base. The handles are tough and I didn't like the way it felt under my arm. The Westminster is easy to carry and the leather has softened up a lot and it's my everyday bag. I love it. It's roomy and holds a lot. I'm 5' 2" size 6-8. I'm also a working mom and I have a toddler and a preschooler and I live in the east coast (Boston area). You will love the Westminster. I just didn't like the folds in the Verona. I tried them on both one on either side and the Westminster felt more comfortable and easy to carry. Plus it looks pretty. Good luck deciding.
  5. I almost went for verona, but hte base is really big and it's heavier than you would think still it is still canvas, and, at least on me, it makes a weird triangle shape unless you fill it up perfectly. The PM looks very nice though. The westminster was tight with your coat?? Were you were thicker layers underneath? Westminster was fine on me with my puffer coat, idk how thick you're is, mine is puffy but not bulky but anyway when I tried it on I was only wearing a shirt underneath, but maybe the one you tried was stiffer cuz it was new? I would go to westminster
  6. I have the Verona MM and love her dearly, a very comfortable bag with great shoulder straps, I carry her the most out of all my LV bags ! She is my very durable baby!
    Such a classy bag too which I love!
    I have a couple MOD pics in my statistics.....
    here is the link:
  7. Go with the Westminster!! It is so comfy to carry!! I get lots of compliments!! I am crazy for this bag!! :yahoo::woohoo::happydance::woot::nuts:

    It is by far the best.
  8. These two bags were on my Xmas list. I tried them both and left it up to DH to choose one. He chose the Westminster. It really must have been an interesting shopping experience because I understand that at least 5 SA's were involved in the process. According to him they all felt the stiff base of the Verona negated it. I went back later to check it out again and I'm happy he (they) chose the Westminster. I love it and have carried it exclusively since Xmas.
  9. Thank you, Everyone for the inputs. I brought home one of these puppies this afternoon. :smile: :biggrin:
  10. Wow chic2be, we got some things in common. Kids, Working Mom, East Coast, and most importantly LV. :biggrin:
  11. Verona!! Love mine!!
  12. I do love the Westminster... can't wait to see what you got!
  13. I ended up buying the Verona MM :smile: I will post pictures as soon as I geet on my computer. For some reasons, I haven't been able to post pics on the iPad. Hmm..
  14. Yay!! I love my Verona MM. You'll love yours too!
  15. I hope so. I hope the pleats will stay as they are.