Help me decide! Vintage jumbo maxi or reissue 228?

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  1. Hi tpfers! I have been looking at getting a big flap bag for a while and I found 2 choices.. I can't decide between a vintage jumbo maxi XL or the reissue 228! The jumbo maxi is in black lambskin with ghw and the 228 looks to be a metallic black calf.

    I currently have a chevron m/l in lambskin, chevron jumbo in caviar and a 2.55 226 in python.

    Is the 228 restructured? I'm worried that the flap will brunch up when it's filled.

    Appreciate if anyone can chime in and help me, tia!

  2. I prefer the Reissue for sure, but is it in good enough shape?
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  3. Thanks for the vote!

    The reissue looks quite slouchy from the photo... is it supposed to be structured or is it soft? My 226 is quite soft and I had a base added to hold its shape, but my 226 is python skin so I'm not sure if that plays a part. I don't have any metallic calf bags so not sure how soft the leather will be...
  4. The vintage bag is really special and these have become quite popular lately; they are hard to find in great condition. The 228 is probably lighter in weight-is that important to you? I agree with Swanky that the 228 looks like it's done some living....:smile: It appears to have structure loss-can you return the bag if you're not happy with it?
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  5. I would vote for the Reissue as well, but I agree with SwankyMama that it looks to be in rough shape... even if it's supposed to be a bit softer, it looks like it's lost a lot of its shape and the sides are all bent upwards. I would pass on this particular one and keep looking.
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  6. Thanks! Maybe I should just hold on to my $$ and wait for the better condition piece to appear

    I have a medium givenchy ant which weighs a ton after loading it with my things so a lighter bag will probably be preferred.. although I'm quite sure the vintage xl will not be as heavy as givenchy...?
    Unfortunately no returns for this so I will need to decide whether I can live with it..

    Here's another photo I asked from the seller... tbh it reminds me of a puddle of leather cause it looks so slouchy..


    So now I have 3 choices:
    1. Vintage cc jumbo maxi xl
    2. Reissue 228
    3. Hold on until a better condition bag comes along
  7. It might be lighting but it also looks like the reissue might be browning or fading. I would wait-take a look at the recommended sellers and maybe post in the help me find thread....the Xlg Jumbo is preferable with puffy quilts but it can be a challenge to find. I'd also want a picture of it standing up so you can see how the bag will look. There is a very helpful vintage thread here with pics and info.
  8. I'm based in Singapore so it might be a challenge to find a seller with a reissue that size.. 227 and 226s are more common..

    As for the XL Jumbo, all those that I've seen has deflated quilts... here's a picture from the seller... does the bag look a bit lopsided or is it just me? [​IMG]
  9. It does look off a bit. I just passed on a new flap with the same problem, it was off about 1/2 inch and I thought it was not closed properly etc but it was defective....this could be due to a storage issue. If this flap was not crooked, the bag is in pretty good shape...
  10. I vote for the vintage jumbo XL. it's true it is very hard to find one in great condition. But, it makes the search that more rewarding. I read that on tPF that the vintage jumbos quilts look better due to how they're constructed. That's a nice size bag too, I just prefer the XL. I'll post the thread if I can find it again. Good luck in your decision.
  11. Yes I do think that it actually looks quite good, with no scuff at corners etc.. in other photos it doesn't look lopsided though 

    Thanks for the link! I'll give this a pass as the scuff corners will bother me a lot...

    So I guess I should go with a vintage xl maxi and not the reissue 228?
  12. Yes I've been stalking the vintage chat! Love the quality of the vintages especially the shiny gold hardware. But i also like the reissue because it's more under the radar

    I have a jumbo chevron so I don't think I'll be looking at another jumbo (for time being, fingers crossed)

  13. +1 with liking the reissue because it's under the radar!

    I do love the look of the jumbo XL but I would wait for one in a bit better condition. The reissue does look a bit worse for wear but I would keep one like it on your radar. Start with the jumbo then look for a 228 of it still speaks to your heart!