Help me decide!! Venetia or Deborah??

  1. Hey Ladies...

    In the past few days I have literally become :nuts: obsessed with two things:

    1. BagHound's Navy Venetia :cutesy:

    2. The new Deborah that bag.lover posted pics of last week! :drool:

    I can't get anything for a few months, because I'm holding off until my trip to NYC to buy something from the MJ boutique there! However, I couldn't wait to get your opinions because I'm so dang excited!

    So....PLEASE VOTE! The bag's are sooo different, but I love them both for different reasons. My current MJ collection consists of: Espresso Small MP, White Chiffon Elise, and Black Striping Zip Bowler. I love them all, so who should be their next sister??

    Thanks y'all!! :yahoo:

    (I'm posting pics from both BagHound and bag.lover's threads. If either of you would like them taken down, please let me know! I hope it's OK!!)
    attachment.jpeg deborah2.jpg
  2. Venetia for sure! I am not wowed about the other bag.
  3. The blue on the venetia is the same blue as was called bright blue a few seasons ago except for the stitching and the suede inside...I bought this blue in a blake and it is FABULOUS..really. Plus in a venetia...classic and all. I say Venetia and wait for the sale for the Deborah...maggie
  4. The Debbie is pretty cool actually. And I think the style and color are perfect for the spring summer months. I vote Debs.
  5. Yeah, I'd have to agree, the Venetia has the WOW factor. The color just pops and the style is classic. The deborah is really hot, but I think after a while it will be downgraded to the Mia catagory in terms of popularity. Hopefully it will go on sale like maggie says, and you can nab it then!
  6. I vote for Navy Venetia too! That blue color is divine. So rich and lush!:tender:
  7. Navy Venetia! I think it is a beautiful classic bag that can be used in any season.
  8. I didn't think about the Deborah going on sale....something to consider for sure. I just love it because it's a shoulder bag and it's straps remind me of a Stella.

    I really love the color of the Navy venetia, though! If only the Deborah came in Navy, it would solve all this! Oh...such huge problems in my life... :rolleyes:
  9. I do love the color, but I'm worried that once I get that sucker loaded down it's gonna be like a suitcase in the crook of my arm.

    Is the Venetia super heavy once it's loaded? (I know this question has been asked a bazillion times, but I've only ever tried it on with the paper stuffing...) :shrugs:
  10. Mmmm, that's a toughie...

    The Deborah is really attractive IRL and has such a cute shape. I'd get that in a heartbeat, if the fittings were nickel. The straps fit comfy over the shoulder, it has a nice roomy inside, and is relatively easy to get in & out of.

    The color of that Navy Venetia is amazing, so deep and striking, and works really well with the style of this classic bag. The only drawback is that cross-over strap is such a hassle! My first MJ was a Venetia, and although I loved the look of it, I gave it up because that strap drove me insane, and I never used the bag because of it. I've seen other ladies tuck it in instead of buckling it...but that kind of defeats the purpose. I guess I'm just not Venetia-savvy :rolleyes:

    So, I guess I vote for the Deborah, or another one of the soft calf classics in Navy...
  11. I'd say the Venetia, even though I've just sold my berry one :p I liked Venetia's style, but I thought it's too big for me (I'm 5'3") so now I'm aiming to get a Blake instead.
  12. I'd say the Venetia, it's the color that you have to love!!
  13. Deborah! :yahoo:
  14. Definitely the Venetia!
  15. hey i'm voting for deborah because i think it adds variety to your colleftion and i think it's a cute bag. (well i'm a tote gal)

    the venetia blue is striking and lovely but it's sort of similar in style to the elise.

    i think it depends on
    whether you are a tote person,
    whether you like softer (deborah) or more structured bags (venetia)
    whether you need a zip or not (this is irrelevant if the deborah has a main zip compartment)
    whether you want an eye poppping color for a change or continue with your classic colors. i'm not sure how much i would personally carry that electric blue venetia out. it's really bright for me...

    BTW i have tried the venetia and blake empty and loaded. it still felt a tad heavy when it was empty. it's probably between an elise and a stam in terms of weight. and it's bigger than elise so i have a tendency to put more things into a bigger bag, hence further weighing it down .... when it was loaded it felt heavy enough that i didn't buy it bcoss of a shoulder problem.