Help me decide. VCA vs Cartier, love vs juste in clou?

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  1. Hey everyone, I need your help deciding between several options and wanted your opinions. I'm getting more confused as I'm trying on several different bracelets.

    Originally, I had a plain yg love bracelet in sz 17. I always thought it was slightly too big on me, however it's determined after trying on a 16 that it's uncomfortable due to my wrist bone. By then I had given my 17 to my mother since it fit her, but a little while back she decided she's not the type of person to wear a bracelet 24/7 and it's not comfortable for her so I sold it.

    Now, hubby wants to buy me a yg 4 diamond love in size 17. He's also given me a budget which would allow me to choose anything other than the love with diamonds if I find other jewelry I like.

    I originally had my heart set on the love 4 diamond, but over the weekend, we went to VCA to try on the Perlee signature bracelet and several sweet bracelets as well. At Cartier, I also tried on the juste in clou in yg with diamonds. They are all beautiful pieces and look great on me.

    I have to say, when the juste un clou first came out, me and hubby just didn't get it. I was actually more open minded and gave it a chance, but he was entirely opposed and made it a point that he refuse to get me a nail as a bracelet. Of course the juste un clou was out of the question forever at that point.

    Up till today, here's my dilemma:
    For the price of the Cartier yg 4 diamond love, I can also purchase the below options.

    1). Cartier yg 4 diamond love bracelet. (Hubby said I can go little over budget and add VCA sweet carnelian clover pg bracelet)

    2). Cartier yg diamond juste un clou bracelet (hubby finally warmed up to it and actually thinks it looks great on my wrist).

    3). VCA Perlee yg signature bracelet, sweet carnelian clover pg bracelet and the new sweet pave clover wg bracelet.

    To be honest, they all have pros and cons for me.

    I love what the love bracelet symbolizes, and after I sold the yg plain one, my heart aches for one back. Now is the opportunity. I also love diamonds, so the 4 diamond is the best of both worlds with the alternating screws. It's a classic and I just love how simple and easy it is to wear with everything and becomes a part of you. The thing I don't like is that it's not as convenient to remove if I don't feel like wearing it all the time.

    As for the juste un clou, it was unexpected that both of us liked it a lot more this time after trying it on. It's edgy and unique, however I'm not sure if I want it as the piece before the love and I still question the longevity on this particular design.

    Now down to VCA. I wanted a bracelet with diamonds and both the Cartier options provide that. I've never thought of trying the signature since I love the Perlee clover and that was the piece I wanted to get if I was ready to shell out that amount. So it's not an option this time. However, my sa said just try it on and pair it with some sweets to see what you think. I did just that and both of us thought the signature paired with sweets look really great too. It also gives me the option to wear the sweets without the signature vice versa. If I went the Cartier route, I wouldn't have as much options to play with. The other good thing is I can take it on and off as often as I'd like since the mechanism allow for that.

    I tried the Perlee in the med size and it fits slightly bigger than the 17 love. That part bothers me a bit as I already find the 17 love big. The small in Perlee is uncomfortable around my wrist bone as well.

    I'm so torn, hubby wants me to get whatever makes me happy. I am leaning more towards 2 of the 3 options, he told me what he likes, but I'm still unsure. I'll be posting a few pictures of the above options. Which option do you like more? What looks better on me?

    The Perlee in the pic is wg, they didn't have a yg (if I choose this route it would be yg). It's also a sweet heart carnelian in the pic cause they were out of clover (if I choose this it would be sweet clover carnelian).

    Thanks everyone!!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461106787.615440.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461106909.479133.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461106917.604689.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461107018.760831.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461107518.347224.jpg
  2. I love the juc with diamonds on you. Goodluck on your decision.
  3. I have to agree. The juc is stunning and looks great on you!:love:
  4. I have to admit, when the JUC first came back, I had no interest. My husband insisted on having me try one on, and it was instant love. I love, love, love mine! I wear it often. It's advantage over the Love is that it can be taken off easily. I find it's classic elegance with a twist. I think you're going to need a Love again at some point too, LOL! I wear my Love and JUC together and it looks great, if I say so myself.

  5. Thanks Birkin.

  6. Thanks gators. Ohhhh, decisions decisions.....

  7. Hi purseinsanity, I didn't know the juc would have the effect on me as it did. I think it's a really special piece, but I'm still not 100% entirely sold just yet. I'm one to buy pieces with longevity in mind, I always think how I'd wear and see the pieces I have 10, 20 years from now. I'm just not sure the juc will be something I see myself wearing when I'm pass a certain age. Does your pieces have any diamonds?! I'm sure it's gorg on you. I'm seeing a lot of ladies stack both lb and juc and it's really lovely. I'm not one to stack much, I'm always afraid of damage and hubby tells me to enjoy them. It's the ocd in me.
  8. Yes, mine is the one with diamonds around the nail head and the tip :smile:
  9. Here's a pic:

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  10. Here's one more:

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  11. I think the JUC looks the best on your wrist. My least favorite is the Van Cleef signature/sweet combo. Have fun choosing!
  12. I love what the love bracelet symbolizes. You also mentioned that you sold your YG Love and your heart aches for it. The Love and JUC get my votes, they are both stunning on you!
  13. I wasn't really open to JUC when it came out but it has grown on me. Love and JUC combo looks the best on you. Good luck deciding.

  14. Purse, your stacks are lovely and look gorg on you. I don't know if I have the bravery to stack the way you do, i baby my stuff too much. Lol

    Hi antique, thank you for your thoughts. Yes the juc and love.....:0

    Thanks Leo, I do want my lb back, there's just a part of me that feels sad since I let my other one go. I have a feeling this is a dangerous road to embark on, I might need both.....yikes

    Hi rami, that's how I felt about juc too. But after trying it on, we were both pleasantly surprised at how it looked. Still on the fence though, I don't want to purchase this on impulse because I have this sudden crush on it and then a year or 2 look back and ask myself what on earth was I thinking!! Thanks for your thoughts.
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461187258.646052.jpg . Another option might be the new bulgari bangle with diamonds which can be removed which is one of the reasons I purchase it. Very comfortable.