Help me decide - Truffle or French Blue Day?

  1. Hi everyone!

    So, I've decided to buy a Day hobo after seeing all the pictures and threads devoted to them! I'm torn between two colors, and buying both is really NOT an option ;) .

    Truffle - I don't have anything entirely brown in my collection (I have two LV Speedys, but both are "patterned"). I think Truffle is a good shade of brown to wear with almost everything, even black.

    French Blue - I was really drawn to the color in the store. It's definitely vibrant and pops at you. And, I don't have anything blue (I have two gray bags which is nearly close). However, the color is not as "dark" to me as some of the pictures of it has been posted. I worry that I won't be able to wear it with as much in my wardrobe. And, I worry about the darkening of the bag, esp. handles.

    What advice can you guys give me? Should I go with a more classic or unique color? Thanks!
  2. These are the hardest decisions, when 2 bags are really nothing like each other. I went through this with marron vs BI. I bought the BI and haven't even used it yet, but I still am happy with the more vibrant color.
    So... my vote is french blue.
  3. I personally would never USE the french blue even though I love the color so I vote for Truffle:yes:

    I have learned the hard (expensive) way to buy what I will USE not what I think is sooo pretty :p
  4. If you wear a lot of black, the French blue will look very good with that. But if your wardrobe is more brown and other earth tones, truffle would probably be the better choice. I'm trying to be objective, since I absolutely love the French blue, but it may not be everyone's bag of choice.
  5. French Blue. It's just so stunning! But I agree with everyone that you should look at the colours you wear and let that guide you. If you wear a lot of black, white, grey, then definitely the French Blue, but if you wear more earth tones, then the Truffle.

    I have always thought that because of the shape, the Day is usually carried over the shoulder and not that susceptible to handle darkening. You could also treat with LMB For Handles Only, or the Apple Garde to prevent any handle darkening.

    I wish you well,

  6. I have to say french blue. If you wear mostly earth tones - blacks, whites, and browns, then french blue will add a pop of color. If you wear more vibrant colors in your outfits, then the truffle would be better. I generally prefer bags that can go with either black or brown.
  7. Go with the French blue - it's a gorgeous color, and I think it is a versatile, year round color. Plus, Bal usually puts a brown in each collection so you could always get a brown Day later on.
  8. My vote is Truffle. Based on the pros and cons you listed, it sounds like you would get more use out of that color. You sound rather unsure about the French Blue.
  9. I think if you dont have any brown shade bags and want something that you can match with most colors, you should go with the Truffle.
    Blue is a tricky color.
  10. Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to TRY and be practical. As much as I liked the French Blue, I just can't see myself using it all the time. I'll just have to admire them on other people here on the forum :love: .