Help me decide to keep or return my new caviar m/l?

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  1. Hi Ladies, I just got this black caviar with shw. But I'm not sure if this is shiny or matte. The following pictures show quite differently even though they were taken through my android phone at the same time. I tried to turn both flashlight on and off. I'm confused and not sure if I should keep or return it. What do you ladies think? Please help!
    m1.jpg m2.jpg m3.jpg m4.jpg
  2. What are you unsure about? Do you love the bag? Do you want a classic flap? If yes, then keep it! I say don't worry and enjoy - it's a gorgeous bag, congrats!
  3. Thank you, jetsetheart. I'm not sure if this is considered dull or shiny. The last photo looks really good. In general, it looks good. But in some lighting, it looks dull as in the first photo shows. And yes, I want a m/l classic flap.
  4. Looks puffy and good. Congrats on finding the classic flap.
    If you love it, keep it! If you doubt it, return it. Too much $$$ if you have doubts on the bag.
  5. I think your babe looks quite similar to mine.. Are they Series 16? I posted a picture of mine for you in your previous thread. I am in love with my bag, it surely have differences under different lightings. I think yours look as good. However, it is your choice to keep it. If you like it, keep it :smile:
  6. This flap looks perfect!:woohoo: Shiny or not, only patent is really shiny for me!:lol:
  7. Looks good! Congrats!
  8. How can you not be sure if you are looking at it in person? Lighting changes can be deceiving in pics...
  9. I'm not sure as I never owned a caviar and haven't seen enough to compare against. This style has been out of stock for a while. And the thread regarding the new caviar quality added more doubts to my judgment :sad:
  10. Thanks for posting the photo for me. Yes, mine looks similar to yours. Mine is 17 series though.
  11. Thanks.
  12. Yes, indeed, it's too much :sad:
  13. Here is what I think... If you cannot tell the diff between the Matt or shiny then it shouldn't bother you? If you love the bag, then keep it!

    If your hesitation is from reading the forum alone, then I think it will be on the back of your mind regardless? Maybe you want to consider a lamb skin flap or a diff color bag so that you won't second guess yourself. Even if you return this one and get another one, I think you will have the same doubts the next time too.
  14. I saw both dull and shiny caviar. Yours look good based on all different light . I couldn't see it in person though.
  15. I think your caviar m/l flap is good. I don't see anything wrong with it. You should keep it since it's hard to get nowaday.