Help Me Decide To Keep Or Not!

  1. I need to figure out this QUICK! I just purchased a lambskin classic red flap for $1550 (i think its a steal!) but now I'm wondering if lambskin would be too high maintenance in the long run it a keeper? I love red but ..gahhhh...what would you do? please help, i need to decide before the bag gets shipped out!
  2. OMG!
    Red lamskin is TDF!
    What a great collector bag - post a pic!
  3. I don't find lambskin to be that high maintenance. The quilting makes it more durable. I prefer lambskin... but if you feel better with caviar, then you should get that.
  4. I agree with Jayne as I have too a red lambskin but I don't use it daily
    I know many FERs who would snatch this bag in a second(enabler speaking hehe);)
  5. hey, that's a great deal! I bought my red lambskin more than that.....but i jus love the leather than caviar, i don't think it's high maintenance to own one!! That depends on how you use it.
  6. Keep!Keep! Keep! It's absolutely GORGEOUS.........You'll regret it if you let it get away!!!
  7. keep it, it is so so beautiful..if you don't want it take it off hold and someone else will buy it asap (possibly me!)