Help me decide!! Tivoli PM or Speedy 30 Damier Ebony????

  1. I am only allowed to get 1 bag for Christmas, and I can't decide between Tivoli PM and Speedy 30 Damier Ebony! They both are gorgeous, but I am only allowed to get ONE!

    Please give me any opinions, and if you have photos in Tivoli PM, please share... I tried on Speedy 30 at the store already, so I know the size and how it looks on me... But I've never tried on the Tivoli PM due to the high demands, so I donno how to compare in term of size wise and how it'll look on me.

    Thank you all in advance for your input!! MUAH!! tPF rocks!!
  2. What are your needs? I own the Damier Speedy 30 and it holds A TON of stuff. My friend currently has a Tivoli PM that she's debating about whether she'll keep. I saw it at her house a week or so ago, and I didn't think it would hold quite as much stuff as my Speedy.
    What else?
    Speedy is CLASSIC. Tivoli is a bit more trendy, but I think it will hold up over time (fashion-wise.)
    Speedy, especially, in Damier, is both ladylike and handsome. Tivoli is a touch more feminine.
    Both are hand-held, unless you have really thin arms and can put the Tivoli over your shoulder.
    Damier is totally weather-proof. The Tivoli has vachetta on it that will darken with age, but not a ton like many other Mono bags.
    Do you have a preference for Damier or Mono?
    Oh, another thing... the Speedy has a basic interior, while the Tivoli has that beautiful alcantara lining. (Someone tell me why LV doesn't put a nicer lining in the Speedies... for THAT much money, it should come LINED! I mean, the alcantara isn't even real suede. I LVOE my Speedies, but I do think this is a rip-off.)
    Speedy is more available and less expensive.
    There, I think I've exhausted my thoughts on this!:yes:
  3. Tivoli. Then speedy. Speedy is classic but they are hand-held and they can get heavy sometimes. I love Tivoli because it can be handheld and shoulder-held as the same time. Plus they can be more organized and shaped.
  4. I see that you're from NYC (me too!)

    My BF got me a Damier Speedy 30 for christmas this year and I've been using it a week so far. I love it because I can use it in the rain/snow and no worries!!! I say get the Speedy now for the winter, and save up for the tivoli for when spring comes around! Hopefully by then it will be less in demand and easier for you to get your hands on one
  5. I vote for the Tivoli!
  6. Tivoli PM, if you can get your hands on one (wait list since I last heard). I love the shape of it.
  7. Speedy!!
  8. Between the Tivoli and the Speedy Damier Ebene, I choose the Tivoli: it's gorgeous and much more feminin...
  9. I vote for the Tivoli if you can find it.
  10. Tivoli if you can! I love the speedy but the Tivoli is pricier and a bit more in demand. You can get the speedy on your own!
  11. Tivoli! I love the shape and i prefer mono over damier canvas
  12. Though I absolutely LOVE both, I'd get the Speedy first!
  13. this is a tough one! i love both bags too. hmm how much do you love the tivoli? the speedy is always a classic, so i would go for that.
  14. I'd get the speedy first. The Tivoli is permanent, right? So it should be more available in the coming year.
  15. Uh-oh, I made a mistake! The TIVOLI does NOT have an alcantara lining. (Why NOT!?!?! The Trevi does!!!)