Help me decide ! Tiffany seas bracelet.

  1. Hi gals. I just ordered a tiffany seas charm bracelet from tiffany and it has arrived instore from usa. I'm going to have a look tomorrow. I'm not sure if I want to get it now (as I just had a look at david yurman bracelet online and am drooling over that). What do you all think I should do? If I go there , I might be obliged to buy it. Is it okay if I change my mind. I think some of the SAs there give me the "look" if I don't get something there after I waste a lot of their precious time.(Btw, I also ordered another bracelet which will arrive next month). Any opinions is appreciated (for fickle me). TIA.
  2. That is pretty! Go try it on and if you hate it, don't get it! They can't make ya buy it if you just don't like it in person! I mean, technically...they might ASK that you get it but, you should be able to decline if it doesn't suit.

    Personally, I think it looks lovely but, you'll have to see if you like it on. If you HAVE to buy it ('cause they make you), and you hate it, return it and use it on the OTHER bracelet you have coming!

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks A-T-G. I think I'm gonna like it personally but I really don't wanna be pressured in buying it until I am absolutely sure. They say they can keep it for a week before they wanna sell it. I'm not sure I wanna spend AUD1000 for a silver piece when i can get a gold one for almost the same price. Anyway, I'm gonna see them all and see which one I like best! :yes: I really hate pressure from SAs, one guy in a gem shop in Bangkok was really smooth and pressuring me to buy something but I said I wanna go back and ask my mum for her opinion and he was not pleased .Anyway, thank goodness I did not buy anything come to think of it, the stones were of poor quality and the design - awful to say the least.
  4. I think that's really cute, but if you can get a better one for the same price, id go for that. Do you have a pic of the other one? :search:
  5. oh that's gorgeous, I have to admit I prefer that one to the blue, just because its more versatile!!!
  6. Oh yeah! I think I have a thing for heart thingies too. They don't have it in white gold at the moment and I would have to order it from usa again if I wanted it. *sigh*. since we're in down under, everything seems more expensive and takes longer to arrive here.
  7. WHatever, its your money spend them the way you want :smile:
    I think its cute though although Tiffanys silvers do turn black.
  8. Okay, so I went to the store to look at the tiff seas bracelet that they said had arrived. It turned out it hasn't but it was the matching tiffany seas brooch that arrived!! Gosh! However, the SA that helped me out today was an angel and was nice enough to explain about how to care for white gold etc. She said it is much harder than to care for yellow gold and she gave recommendation on what pieces will suit me. I think she must be my fave Tiffany SA there from now on.. Lol. Thanks for your help gals.
  9. thats a pretty bracelet! i would like it in white gold though, so you dont have to maintain it as much as silver..cuz it tarnishes..but thats MHO..
  10. got pics, i am huge tiffany fan
  11. both pics of tiff sea bracelet which have NOT arrived here yet btw. I would post some real pics later ( if I get it).
    tiffseanecklace.jpg seasbracelet.jpg