Help me decide the last for a while Chanel


Help me decide the last for a while Chanel

  1. Jumbo or medium/large white classic flap

  2. Lady braid

  3. Baby Cabas

  4. Nothing

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  1. I am thinking about getting my last for a long time Chanel before the PI and then not thinking about getting Chanel for a long time. The bags I have so far are:

    - Medium/Large black classic flap with gold hardware;
    - Dark Silver reissue 226;
    - Jumbo red classic flap with new chain;
    - Pink cambon bowler;
    - Black classic clutch; and
    - Beige GST with gold hardware.

    What I am thinking about getting are:
    - Jumbo or medium/large white classic flap with silver hardware;
    - Lady braid (not sure about the color yet);
    - Baby Cabas; or
    - Nothing since I already have a few and I should just be happy with what I have now.

    Any suggest is really appreciated.
  2. I think you should buy 1 of the white baby cabas at BG at the old price $1795 since you already have 2 flaps. I read on the shopping thread that they still had a few!
  3. i vote for baby cabas
  4. I vote lady braid. Just saw the navy again yesterday and it's a gorgeous shade of blue.
  5. my vote is for lady braid as it will look different from all of your existing bags.
  6. Voted for the jumbo. Love the flaps :yes:
  7. baby cabas:tup:
  8. Lady Braid
  9. I vote for the lady braid or jumbo white flap! :tup:
  10. I am not a big fan of the baby Cabas, and you have a couple of flaps, so how about the Lady Braid??
  11. I voted for the Lady Braid. The grey and the blue are both beautiful in this line. I love Jumbo's, but I'm not a fan of white bags.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  12. Lady Braid, followed by white flap. =)
  13. Thank you so much, ladies!

    I think I might check the lady braid out. I went to Chanel last Saturday to pick up the DS reissue and tried on the grey one. It is really pretty; however, since I wear black and grey a lot, for some reason, it did not seem to go very well with my wardrobe. My SA told me it also comes with Bordeaux for this year, but she could not find one in their system and said it might not be shipped out yet. I have not heard from the TPFers about this color for lady braid, not sure whether the information she gave me was correct or not. Since it seems that the lady braid is not the 'classics' that would be impacted by the upcoming price increase. I will give myself some time thinking about it.