Help me decide the colour!

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  2. You are right, they are very different colours! It depends on what you want from buying it and what colours you wear. The pink grapefruit is a lovely bright pop of colour but the navy is much more subtle. I have a navy selma (without studs) that I love using in winter, I haven't seen the grapefruit colour but maybe it could be a year round pop of colour or it might be too bright for winter (depends on where you live too, winter here is very dull and dark most if the time!). I'm no help, you can't go wrong with a Selma- the navy would be a colour that you will use for years to come, grapefruit is more seasonal so you may grow tired off it.
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  3. +1
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  4. I'd personally go with navy, can't go wrong with that colour!
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  5. Navy....
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  6. I would go with Navy, I love grapefruit but navy is a staple item that you can wear all year long and it will match with more items
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  7. If you haven't got anything in navy, then I would say to go with that because it is a versatile everyday color that goes with anything and can easily be dresses up or down. If you have neutral bags, go with grapefruit. Personally I would choose a bag without studs as I feel it is more timeless and versatile, but that is just how I feel. I had a medium messenger with studs and sold it.
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  8. I agree with the other ladies... all depends on if you want a more neutral bag or a bright pop. I'm a big fan of the studs, for me I felt like they added something and made my other Selma seem plain.
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  9. Personally I would choose the navy, seeing as the bag has studs which add something to it. The Grapefruit with the studs can be a bit overwhelming, although I'm also probably biased seeing as I prefer neutral colours. You should also look at what will complement your wardrobe and what's missing from your collection. Can't go wrong with MK's navy though, it is absolutely beautiful
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  10. Love the navy. It is in my to buy list.
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  11. Let us know what you decide and be sure that the final decision is yours!
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  12. Grapefruit is so summerish! I love that colour. But the summer is going to the end.. So do you need a bag for summer or for all types of season?:smile:
  13. Mmm I would like to use it as much as I can! Ahaha So maybe you are all right, navy is the best choice... But grapefruit is soooo beautiful!!!! Ahahah well, I let you know when I'll take the final decision!
  14. I saw someone today carrying a jet set tote in pink grapefruit and the color was so pretty, especially in the sunlight. Imo it's more of a seasonal color, whereas navy is year round. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it just depends how often you want to carry it.
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  15. i think pink grapefruit is so cute! But if you are not a pinky person, i think it's more save to pick navy color you can use that on any ocasion.