Help me decide - Step or Purse?

  1. I'm debating between a Step and a Purse, if you have or are familiar with either or both styles I'd love to hear your opinions :smile:

    Here's what I'm thinking so looking for the experts here to chime in!

    + Longer handles fit comfortably over the shoulder
    + Looks more like a "handbag" and less like a "work bag" - better for everyday (for me)
    - Discontinued, so I have to wait for one to pop up on e*ay, RDC, etc
    - Opening at top is not super wide

    + Long top zipper - wider opening
    + Seems a little bit bigger? (wider bottom)
    ? It might be too big?
    ? Does Bal make this style in every color, every season?
  2. I have only got a Step so can't really compare.

    I love it. The handles fit easily over my shoulder. It is a good medium size.

    However you might not like the semi rigid base - some people don't. I tend to agree that it should have been hard or soft, not in between.

    I believe the Step was first made in AW07.
  3. I'd love to see a pic of these next to each other - anyone?
  4. Thanks Jenova - regarding the base, is the concern about how it looks when you've got things in it (eg sagging) or is it something else? I hadn't considered that.
  5. I kind of feel that it is eventually going to end up with a fold in it which might look odd.