Help me decide. Steel, pros and cons.

  1. Having seen Steel irl, it is charcoal grey, but with a slight blue undertone, and a faint silver/grey sheen in the light.

    Why do I need this bag. Or, should I wait to get a definite color, something unique and fun. Or, just get black, as opposed to a charcoaly grey. :supacool: Hep. Thanks.
  2. Hmm... I'm very intrigued by this Plomb color. I say if you like it, then go for it. You can always get a black bag any time, but Steel will only be for one season.
  3. Good Grief Honey, what kind of a question is that? Just get both.

    Just kidding! :roflmfao:
    Think about it over night and whichever one you are still dying for in the morning is the one. And, you can always get black. You can even get broken in 2nd hand ones, 02 fb's, 03/04 with pewter. But plomb is only here now.
  4. Arrrgg, you both have a point. BUT what if I get Steel, and feel it's blah? Is it a neutral like black is, only not so.. black? Therefore versatile? Or is black more versatile.

    I was reading the mastic/sandstone comparison thread, and that is the issue here, one of shadings in a color family- EXCEPT I also read a thread calling Steel "faded black"! Yuck.

    It's a great color... um, shade, I guess is more accurate... I just don't want to wake up and decide I don't have a great neutral bag, but a faded black bag.
  5. If you can I'd get the bag from somewhere which has a good return policy, that is it might be the kind of colour you need to see IRL rather than ordering it sight unseen unless you were sure about it.
  6. That's exactly how I feel. I saw it and like the color, but I don't know how versatile it will be. Since it's got blue undertones, I don't think it will match black or brown clothing/coat, so that is what is holding me back from the plomb color, but it really is pretty on its own.
  7. oh so true, may i just add. right now i have a truffle, greige and black in GH-gold. I want to add a classic to my collection - black? but at the same time i think to myself : plomb it could be the black with ommph!! or will it just be black gone bad.....

    i also dont have a city (yeah, go figure) and this black or plomb will be it for me - this year:p so its a big decision for me too.

    for those of you lucky enough to see plomb - give us more pls to fuel our imaginations!

    thanks so much. i'm really loving this forum more each day!
  8. Girlie, I've seeen the Steel IRL, that's the thing... it is a rich color for a sedate color. So. Do I love the hushed, genteel charcoaly grey, or, as spylove said, do I reject it as being just a shade off a true neutral, and more of a dark, un-versatile horse? (Note: I realized with that last comparison I am losing perspective a bit- I'm on a list, and have to decide to buy asap or lose first pick, :p )
  9. Thanks for your comments.

    I just realized, Steel is what I thought Anthracite would be, before I saw it- a blue-tinged charcoal. Slate.
  10. ^ i agree..steel is also what I thought anthracite orig. would be....dark charcoal grey with a subdued purplish blue cast. More saturated in color than a chameleon like ink or anthracite. I LOVE IT in real life! GORGEOUS and unlike any other color! And the leather for this color seems to be so chewy and thick and soft! I do not think it would just pass for a washed out black...I think the color can stand on its own... as a neutral with an edge and a vibe that black may not have...though don't get me wrong I am head over heels lately for black balenciaga! If I could I would so get a steel bbag AND a black bbag! :love: You really need to go for the bag that draws u in....if this steel bbag draws u in...then she is the one...and you can always change your mind later but that is another story! (bec. I've bought bags I was drawn to at the moment, and then later returned them, more for practical reasons than bec. I stopped loving/liking them).
  11. urm.. the plomb is really calling my name!!! i think i will give up tomato and get a plomb!!
  12. honey1 I just reread your original post and saw that you did say you saw it in irl, sorry for having you repeat yourself.

    Just go with your gut, and get it for its own merits that you can incorporate into your wardrobe and also rather than as a subsitute because from experience nothing ever replaces a true black bbag.
  13. TY!

    Girlie, you are correct- black is in a category by itself, so that clears perspective.

    mintpearl, exactly! I have to decide if I want it for itself.

    Now, rh or gh....:p
  14. I am very intrigued by this color... and can't wait to get a chance to see it IRL!!

    It sounds perfect, so if you try one out - you'll have to let us know how you feel it fits in with your wardrobe... :tup:
  15. I got the new SGH part time in plomb - love it!!! I also have a black city. I feel plomb is VERY different than black. I would not call plomb "faded black" as some have on tpf. I wear black quite a bit and the contrast of the dark charcoal bag (plomb) with a black outfit is awesome. I do like the SGH on the plomb; I feel it really dresses it up and makes it outstanding. Good luck with your decisions!