Help me decide... Stam or Ursula Tote

  1. Okay, debating exchanging my new Ursula Cola Tote (still in the dustbag with tags) for a Black Stam. Question... does the Stam sit up by itself? I like a bag that will sit on its own. Also, I have a Black LE Stella. Should I keep the Ursula Cola Tote because it's not as close to what I have? Help!
  2. I have a newer Stam in Camel, and it does sit up by itself. As a matter of fact, I'm looking at it perched on my file cabinet in my office. I spend a lot of time (wasteful) looking at it :graucho: .
  3. my bronze one sits up also :biggrin:
  4. Okay, went and looked at them... now I'm torn. Black Stam or Mouse Stam? Already have a Black LE Stella, so thinking maybe Mouse... but I wear a lot of black suits, black slacks, jeans and sharp jackets... wasn't sure I was digging the Mouse color with Black outfits... wondering if Black Stam is the obvious choice. Can't stand gray... and think the Mouse might be sort of too close to gray in color. Eager to hear what others think...
  5. I love the mousse. Saw it for the first time IRL today and its such a great color. It's not that gray to me,more like a muted black. It's a really versatile color.
  6. Really? Looked sort of mushroom colored/taupe to me... hmmmmm... all the SAs at Nordies voted for Mouse, but I just can't decide. Too much to spend and not be certain. Do you think it would go with black outfits?
  7. More importantly, which color do you think is more versatile?
  8. Honestly, I don't think you can have too many black bags so that will always be my first choice. I guess it depends on what you'll be wearing the bag with, if it's mostly work clothes them the mousse will give you a slight edge not to mention it goes great with jeans and yes it goes beautifully with black:love: . The SA I was talking to today was modeling it against her black suit and it looked so awesome.

    I myself only get bags in neutral colors or black but I am def getting a mini stam in mousse or whiskey.
  9. Until I discovered this forum, I was always drawn to buying black bags. I just feel that with the amount of money spent, I should buy bags in a safe color - which is black for me. However, slowly over months, I've come around to the concept of color! I had the longest debate when I got my Stam a few weeks ago. I had it in my mind that I was going to march in there and buy it in black. However, I went with something completely unconventional for me, but DOES go well with black - the Camel. I love the way the gold hardware looks against the color - very muted and subtle, whereas in the black, it almost took away the detailing of the bag for me.

    I think you should do what makes you feel happy and most comfortable. The Mouse color is VERY unique, and I think it would look really nice against black. However, if you feel more comfortable with the black, keep it. It's a lot of money to spend and to NOT be sure.
  10. Baghound - I just got a mouse stam and I think you described the color very well. It reminds me of the original taupe, but with greyish undertones. I think it will go great with black, but if you are having doubts, I'd get the black because its something you know you will use. The bronze is nice also. I did not like the stam when it first came out - I think because I got one that popped open all the time, but I think the new ones with the linen lining are great. Not as heavy, great size and the lock is fixed. Good luck making your decision. :biggrin:
  11. So it sounds like you all think I should go with the Stam vs. the Ursula Cola Tote... just a matter of which color Stam to go with?
  12. P.S. Anyone want to comment on the space inside the Stam? Adequate? I didn't take my stuff out of my Stella LE Black bag I carried today to see how it would fit in the Stam. Is it me, or is the "mouth" of the bag hard to get stuff in and out of? Hmmm...
  13. Black. =)
  14. Get the Black Stam :heart:
  15. According to members, this season's Stam has structured leather which will become more slouchy with use.

    (info pasted from, post by PrincessImp.)

    When the stams first came out (A/W 05), they had antiqued hardware and slouchy leather which came in 2 types: icy or nappa.

    The stams for the current season (S/S 06) has the shiny gold hardware with structured calfskin leather which becomes more slouchy with use.

    (pre-Fall/Fall 06) shiny gold hardware with structured leather which becomes more slouchy with use.