Help Me Decide: Speedy B vs Delightful

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  1. So my Spouse surprised me with the Delightful MM for our 10 year anniversary last night! It is a beautiful bag, but I am not really a fan of shoulder bags; I much prefer hand bags/top handles.

    I am thinking about returning it and purchasing the Damier Speedy B, but here's the issue: I already have 2 speedy's (mono & Damier), so my cousin said that it would be a duplicate. This will be an everyday purse in heavy rotation. I am just not sold on the delightful though it is a beautiful purse. Which would you choose? Speedy B or Delightful?? Please help!
  2. Sounds like you love your speedys..
    I would get the speedy B but maybe in a differant size.
    Or you could always sell your old speedy DE and use the funds for a wallet or something.
    Happy anniversary!!

  3. Thanks a bunch! :smile:

    Very good idea! I could sell the speedy DE.

    BTW, is that the artsy in your avatar? I'm in love with that purse!!!
  4. I feel speedy look good hand held only. But everyone who owns the speedy b says its the most practical bag to own. If you are ok with having 2 bags the same then go for it. Maybe buy a different size speedy b. BTW delightfull is awesome. I love the look of it :smile:

  5. Yes! Thank you.. The Artsy is one of my favorite bags!
  6. What about the Artsy then? It's shoulder and handheld...
  7. I have the Speedy B 30 in DE and I absolutely adore it. Holds a ton and the crossbody strap is super useful!
  8. I ended up returning my delightful MM after less than a day. I loved the idea of the bag and the shape of the bag itself, but using it just didn't work. I was devastated but happy that I exchanged it for the new Neverfull monogram.
    I would definitely choose the Speedy B as opposed to the Delightful. Hope you're happy with whatever decision you make. Xz
  9. I prefer the speedy b

  10. I have both and prefer Delightful over Speedy B. Delightful has a wide strap which is super comfy.

  11. Why didn't it work out for you? Just curious...
  12. I vote for Speedy B. It's got the top handle and even if you wear it that way 90% of the time, you may appreciate being able to go hands-free when you need to. Some people don't like the leather strip down the sides, do you care about that? Also you could sell one of your older Speedys if you feel like it would be a duplicate, but that is completely up to you. :smile:
  13. Speedy b.I prefer handheld my speedy b..the optional strap is very handy...i also like that it has a zipper closure
  14. I only have the Delightful (which I love) and the Speedy B is on my wish list, I say go for what you like. If you're not much of a shoulder bag fan, get the Speedy B. You'll never fully be happy with the Delightful if you're already questioning it. And like Markxmikesmom said, you can sell your Speedy and get another pretty :smile:
  15. Speedy B! :tup:
    Good luck on your decision! May you enjoy your "chosen one" in good health. :smile: