Help me decide: speedy b or delightful pm

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  1. Hi all, I would like to buy just one last bag before the price increase. I am thinking of either the speedy b 25 in DE or delightful pm. I want an everyday bag. I don't carry much stuff with me, hence I don't need a big bag. All I want is a bag that is comfortable and will hold my essentials.

    I already have a neverfull mm in mono and DE, speedy 25 in monogram which I don't use because it's a handheld, eva, favorite and pochette so far! Which do you think will best suit my needs? TIA!!
  2. I'd for for the speedy B. :smile:
  3. Delightful! I have both and the delightful is so much more casual and comfy! It's something about the extra leather on the speedy b that makes it more dressy. But of course, you have more than one way of wearing it. I just prefer the strap and slouch on my delightful for those carefree days.
  4. I would go for the delightful! It is very different from the bags you have already. good luck!
  5. delightful :smile:
  6. I would get the speedyB, but since you already have a handheld speedy get the delightful pm.
  7. Delightful! So easy to wear
  8. delightful!!
  9. I love love my Delightful PM :smile:
  10. Delightful.
  11. I think you answered your own question...speedy b 25! ("everyday bag, don't need a big bag, and you don't use the mono 25 because it's only held by hand"). I think the delightful would be bigger than the speedy 25. :smile:
  12. Both are great but I'd get the Speedy B
  13. I love both bags such a hard decision. Since you have the speedy if you love the style than get the speedy b you will love it even more, but if you want something different more of a hobo style the delightful is a great bag. Good luck and keep us posted.
  14. Speedy B ...
  15. Delightful, I don't find the speedy b that functional!