Help me decide-Silver Lockit or Gold Kirsten

  1. Whoa-what an LV week. First I get the news hubby is letting me get Gold & Silver Lockits....then, I just got a phone call that I can get a NEW, UNUSED Gold Kirsten. I know I can't have all three bags. So.....Should I let one of the Lockits go for the Kirsten? I was really disappointed when I thought I couldn't get one but I do have a Sophie. Help! I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!
  2. how about getting the silver lockit and the gold kirsten and leave the gold lockit off the list since you're getting the gold kirsten? is the gold lockit a must buy?

    btw, how exciting for you!! so many bags this week!!
  3. Silver Lockit and Gold Kirsten. =)
  4. I'm kinda going through the same dilemma too~! For me, it's choosing between the Gold and Silver Lockits and an Amarante Pegase. But between a Miroir and the Kirsten, I would personally go for the Lockit!! Let us know what you decide!
  5. silvr lockit and gold kirsten!
  6. Another vote for silver lockit and gold kirsten!
  7. Another vote for the Silver lockit and a gold kirsten.
  8. And another vote!
  9. Silver Lockit and Gold Kirsten no doubt about it! You will be my opposite twin, I have the Silver Kirsten and the Gold Miroir Lockit and I adore both!
  10. totally let one lockit go. I would get one lockit and the kirsten.
  11. Same here.;)
  12. I vote for Silver Lockit and Gold Kirsten.
  13. I prefer the lockit to the Kirsten, but it prob would be better to have two diff bags then the same one. At least you can still have a gold and silver bag.
  14. Silver Lockit gets my vote!
  15. I agree with the general flow of this thread silver lockit gold kirsten