Help me decide: SHW or GHW for medium black caviar Classic flap


Nov 10, 2019
My husband is buying me a black caviar classic flap bag and I can't decide between Gold hardware or Silver hardware. He said that gold is better as it more classic and timeless but I personally feel like gold looks outdated and harder to match.

Factors to consider:
1. Most of my jewelries are white gold and platinum. Would it look odd to wear a bag with GHW with platinum/white gold jewelries?

2. I already have a black caviar mini square with champagne gold hardware. I am actually leaning on getting the CF in silver but will these two bags look too similar?

Which hardware do you think is better?


May 7, 2016
For M/L CF, I prefer SHW with caviar leather and I do own this. It has a younger vibe and looks more casual, but still luxurious. Suitable for day wear and not too formal reception.
But if you want your CF for evening or formal occasions where you wear something dressy, I’d recommend a small size with GHW (Caviar orLambskin depending on your preference).


Jan 22, 2007
England, UK
My first flap had GHW and I eventually sold it as I felt it was too mature-looking. After that I only bought SHW. Now I have sold all my bags with SHW and will only buy GHW! If you look on Instagram, GHW is really popular and “in.” Because of this, it is more modern than silver at the moment! It’s classic and timeless too. I wear a lot of platinum/white gold jewellery as well as yellow gold, so I think it’s ok to mix metals.

can you try them both in a boutique?