Help me decide, show me a picture of you wearing the Legacy Flap!

  1. They have a gorgeous Legacy Flap on eBay with a Super Buy It Now but I am just afraid that it's too small for me. I would love to see you wearing yours and also what it holds!

  2. This is me wearing my Signature Legacy Flap. For reference, I am 5'1" and 110 pounds. I absolutely love the Legacy Flap. In it, I can fit my Legacy French Purse, Palm TX, Razr phone, a skinny cosmetic case and keys. It holds quite a bit for being a smaller purse.

  3. It's so cute. I'm a bigger person but I think it would still be fine.

    Here is my dilema. I have money saved and am going to the Gulfport Outlet in two weeks and then to New Orleans where they have Macys and a Coach Store.

    Do I buy something I like now or save all my money for the outlet. I can't find anyone on the board who lives near Gulfport so I have no clue what they have.

    uggh the choices!!!!
  4. Call gulfport and have them tell you what they have?
  5. Having just been to my first outlet ever, my 2 cents is wait until you go to the outlet. Unless you really really love that purse, I think you may be tempted by the variety you'll see in the outlet or at the other stores you'll visit.
  6. I'm about 5'9" for reference...keeping the weight to myself.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and, JMO, I think that BIN on that bag is a great price...dont' think too long on it...