Help Me Decide Shoulder Tote or Hobo

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  1. Please weigh in as you guys have TONS of Coach experience. I want an everyday should bag with good amount of room. Has to sit on shoulder. I will debate myself until they are no longer available. PS, I am over 40. Between the shoulder tote and hobo in leather or signature. Anyone have either bag, please share. ... Merry HAMPTONS LARGE HOBO or SHOULDER TOTE Coach - PEBBLED LEATHER SHOULDER TOTE Coach - COACH HAMPTONS SIGNATURE LARGE HOBO
  2. large hobo!
  3. I love the large hobo as well!
  4. the tote will sit over your shoulder but the straps don't make it super comfortable for some.

    so you have to try it on. plus it's boxy?

    the hobo would be best, but it does not sit down and doesn't have as much room as the 398$ (smaller version) of shoulder tote.

    then again it is 100$ less.

    it's a toughie but i say, go to the store with what you normally would carry with these stuff - and put it into both bags, try it in front of the mirror and maybe walk around with it to see how it'll fit properly on your shoulder, etc.

    no matter what, since you're going to fill it up, i'd recommend the signature, because you want it over the shoulder and the leather is heavier?

    g'luck with your decision! let us know what you decide :smile:
  5. ^opps, i just read that it's pebbled *my computer won't let me edit for some reason*

    then it wouldn't matter between the two wieght wise, because the pebble tote has very little hardware, which makes up the difference.

    i'd totally get the shoulder pebble tote if you don't mind the no zipper part, or the signature, it's better looking IMHO.
  6. I would do the leather tote. I just never have felt the hobo. It's not really all that hobo-y IMO.
  7. i would probably go with the pebbled leather tote. my mom buys from coach all the time but only gets the ALL LEATHER handbags because she thinks they're more classic than the signature line and i pretty much agree with her. plus the shape of the tote looks nice! Also if price matters, you can always get great all leather bags at the coach outlets =)
  8. I thought I would let you know that I went to Macys and pre-ordered 3 bags for the FF 20% off sale. I got the Holiday patchwork duffle,


    Sig Gallery tote Coach - SIGNATURE GALLERY TOTE

    My daughter wanted the Sig medium carryall Coach - COACH HAMPTONS SIGNATURE MEDIUM CARRYALL

    Not what I had thought I wanted, but I was able to get 2 bags instead of just one. Thank you for the help:yes: --Merry--