Help me decide!!! shall I get the Kelly in Vert Cru colour with Gold HW???

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  1. #1 Jul 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2009
    Hello ladiess....once again I appear in this forum with some help needed from u ladiessssssss

    What do you gals think about the Kelly in Vert Cru (apple green) with Gold hardware size 32" in clemence leather. Is it pretty? too sharp..or too difficult to match with the outfit? should I get it or not ?..and also do u think it goes well with the Gold hardware?

    thank u very much for ur inputs :smile:
  2. Imo, Vert Cru will match with many colors incl. purple/pale green/pale yellows/light pinks except for bright pinks, oranges and reds. Again, depend on your wadrobe and your personal taste.

    Imo, Vert Cru is one of the best greens. I say yes.
  3. SP Error = should be wardrobe, not wadrobe.
  4. I own a vert cru kelly & IMHO, it is not exactly the color I will describe as 'easy to match'. My wardrobe is very colorful (read: I wear almost every color in the palette), & I realise I still have to specially 'design' an outfit to match vert cru.

    Buy it if you must have it, & adore/love the color. If its your 1st kelly, you must really love the color or else shop for another color like say etoupe or gold (these 2 colors are the multi-versatile colors).

    Hope other vert cru owners have their own thoughts to add too. Good luck! :biggrin:

    P/S: I reckon it looks good with gold hardware! ;D
  5. Thank u so much IFFAH and bbbochap for ur comments.

    To answer ur question bbbochap, this is not exactly my first Kelly. I've also owned the Kelly in Blue jean and orange colour. I found those 2 color are outfit - matching - friendly :smile:..however, the vert cru,...ummm.... i'm not so sure, and i dont actaully like the green bag before. But as for the vert cru, I found the colour is very eye - catching. But 'i m also wonder that do I really love its colour or not. It's look pretty and stunning, but not sure my love for the colour will last that long..... hehehe

    Btw, just for my information, Does the Vert Cru colour popular and the sought after H bag? ..thanks again ladiessss:smile:
  6. ^Based on my wildlife sightings, I rarely see a vert cru here out and about in my country.:smile:
  7. It may or may not work with your wardrobe, but if you don't love it, I think you
    should hold out for something you're more sure about. But I do think the gold hardware
    would look very nice...:smile:
  8. Lyanna Stark has a lovely vert cru with GHW in a Birkin and she always looks stunning with it!

    Whether or not it is easy to match depends largely on what sorts of colors you normally wear. But it is such a cheerful color :smile:
  9. I’m still can’t decide?!? .... any more opinions would be very much appreciated:smile: ladiesss thank u so much
  10. I personally think it is too bright....but I prefer neutrals anyway. It is definitely a cheery color, and will definitely pop. I think it screams a little too much. I wouldn't say it is an everyday color.
  11. i think vert cru is unbelievably lovely--i dont care for the current yellow greens that Hermes makes. is this an older bag that you are considering buying?
  12. #12 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    yes it is the Vert cru, apple green colour, one that Hermes discontinued producing for the moment.
  13. i think it absolutely depends on everything else you have. do you have some other h bags that are more subdued and easily wearable? if it will only see the light of day rarely because it is too difficult to work into your wardrobe- then no. maximize "cost per wear" seems to be a good motto. divide cost by number of times let's say per year that you will wear her- if you will wear something often it is worth much more more and costs you much less. this is my rationalization process for hermes and anything costly but exquisite.

  14. personally this is one of my grail colors. its like a brilliant glowing version of pelouse (the new grass green). i think its just a versatile and fun as vert anis, blue jean, and orange
  15. I have this bag in Swift and i love it, i find it very easy to wear BUT i favor neutral colors and this is a great way to add a little pop. it makes me happy to look at this bag!