Help me decide! Sappire Earrings

  1. Which do you like better?

    Both are from Macy's, but the first pair isn't on-line, so I found a similar pair of chanel sets -- the actual pair is smaller.

    I feel like I should only need one pair of sapphire earrings, but I can't decide which is more versatile and eye catching.

    er.jpg 80518_fpx.tif.jpg
  2. I say go for the first pair!
  3. i absolutely love the second pair, they're gorgeous.:P
  4. #2 is a beauty, #1 looks very boring indeed
  5. The first pair is probably more versatile....but the second pair is more eye-catching!
  6. For versatility probably the first pair. But I would choose the second pair because they are beautiful! They are quite classic and should be able to match a lot of outfits and styles with a little planning.
  7. Second pair are absolutely stunning!
  8. I adore the 2nd pair! They are a little more formal--you could probably rock the 1st pair in jeans ...but, that 2nd pair is so pretty, I'd have to get those!
  9. I prefer the first pair.
  10. I love that second pair :love:
  11. #2
  12. The first pair could be worn casually, with jeans or slacks. And they can be used for dress up as well. The second pair is more dressy, I would wear them with cocktail attire. They are both very pretty. I love sapphire and diamonds.
  13. Thanks everyone! :yes:

    The problem is, I really like both! But I guess I was leaning towards the second b/c they are more unique. I'd like to keep both, but if you see my postings in the "money" subforum, I NEED to start being more conservative with my $$$:rolleyes:

    Any more opinions?
  14. Yes, the second is more unique, but i love the hoops as well.
  15. I like the first pair - they're classic and will never go out of style. The second pair are beautiful as well but seem more likely to go out of style. And the first pair are elegant and can be dressy or casual.

    They're both gorgeous though. :smile: