Help me decide! Saleya Damier, Tivoli GM, or wait for the Totally

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Saleya Damier MM, Tivoli GM, or Totally

  1. Saleya MM in Damier

  2. Tivoli GM

  3. Wait for the Totally

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am torn between getting the Saleya Damier, Tivoli GM or waiting for the Totally to come out. I love the Damier so Saleya would be perfect, but the Tivoli GM is gorgeous. Totally appeals to me too since it's going to be a new bag and not too many people will have it. Does anyone know how much the Totally will cost or when it will be in stores? Thank you! Any modelling pics would be awesome and appreciated!
  2. Wait for the Totally
  3. I'd say wait for Totally before making any decisions.
  4. I second the model pic request and would like to know this info, as well. And of course my vote will be for the TOTALLY! :nuts:
  5. Wait for the Totally so you can make an informed decision (to avoid regrets)! I'm inclined to say choose between Totally and Saleya...not a fan of Tivoli GM as a shoulder bag.
  6. I vote Tivoli Gm, then Saleya, I think the totally is a bit average?
  7. Where can I find a pic of the Totally...?
  8. I also think wait for Tattal