Help me decide: Roulis or Constance

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  1. DAClub and JJYanks, I think you are right, having both bags is perfect!
    Congrats, JJY, on your great looking new bag!
  2. Thank you!!! She is Rouge H and from the 80's. I guess I always knew I would end up getting both. Sigh!
  3. Thank you!!!! Yes - you will definitely see her at the next meetup :smile:

    Thank you all for the kind words!
  4. Woohoo, you got the 80's Rouge that you wanted, so glad for you:smile:

    Modeling shots, modeling shots please!
  5. 80s?
    Lol so retro boogie hehe
  6. Congrats, love the ghw!
  7. Modeling shot please!
  8. Great choice! A classic bag and look that goes with everything. This exact bag was my first Constance and it was vintage as well. Nothing like older box leather.:smile:
  9. Congratulations! I know you're gonna love it! Modeling shots please!
  10. Lovely! Congrats!!
  11. Yay, congrats!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks All!! Will follow up with mod shots. I'm working on an annoying project this weekend so haven't left the house but will be sure to snap some pics as soon as I can!

    hehe - totally radical! Never thought I'd ever be into the 80's again but I can make an exception for this beauty!
  13. Thank you!

    You were a tremendous help-- thank you again!! In fact, I also have to get a roulis based on your review. I figured I could satisfy my Constance itch now, get a roulis later and if I'm ever offered a new Contance, I can always sell this one (thought I can't even think of parting with her now!)
  14. OK I'm resurrecting my own thread from a few years ago. I ended up getting a vintage (single gusset) Rouge H constance in box leather. I love it but it barely fits my silkin wallet and iphone 8, much less any thing else.

    For 2019, my wish list is first and foremost a B30, But, it that;s not possible a constance might be on the list. roulis bags are usually available but I'm going to pose this question again
    1) Roulis 23 or constance 24 - need room for a large silkin wallet, iphone 8, keys, train pass and tissues
    2) What color? - For constance - I was thinking black, gray or dark blue. For roulis, I"m thinking barenia or the new red or etain
    3) I don't even know what leathers are available though I'm thinking the constance should be epsom and the roulis should be evercolor, box or barenia (1st choice)

    About me: petite, 5'0 and about 107 lbs. Need a bag that fits: large silkin, keys, iphone8, calvi, earbuds/chager, and tissues. I wear mostly neutral but all my H bags are currently pops of color - thinking my next bag should be neutral. ISO a birkin 30 in barenia, etain or dark blue (preference) but could also see a shoulder bag as well. I have B35, K32, toobox 26, Constance 23, 2 plumes, Bolide 37, Evelyne PM, Halzan, Evelyne PM
    I have not been offered a B30 yet but hoping that will come with time. In the meantime, I'm already thinking of other H bags to add to my collection.
    Thanks as always for your help,
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  15. I have both bags and honestly, I’m not sure if the long silk’in wallet can fit in either bag. I don’t have a long silk’in wallet so I can’t tell you for sure. However, I’m unable to fit my Chanel and LV long wallets into my R23 and C24. If you can downgrade the long wallet into a silk’in compact (which I’m using) or equivalent, you should be able to fit all of your essentials in the bag. Also, R23 can probably fit slightly more than C24.

    The cool thing about R23 is that it has contrast stitching even if it’s not Gold, Barenia, Etoupe, etc. so I would definitely recommend choosing a color that normally doesn’t have contrast stitching. My R23 is in RC and it’s gorgeous with contrast stitching. It’s my favorite every day bag due to the functionality and how low key it is. I’ve heard that Roulis is getting harder to get at the stores now, but they do show up on the H website occasionally.

    I’m not a fan of Epsom, but I love Evercolor. Evercolor feels luxurious and it’s durable enough for every day use. I haven’t had any issues with my bags yet (both of my R23 and C24 are in Evercolor). I can’t really tell you which leather to choose since it’s all personal preference.

    HTH and good luck!