Help me decide: Roulis or Constance

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  1. I have two Constance bags and while I love them, I agree with other posters about the closure and being a formal look. It's is so annoying when you're trying to get something out of the bag and sometimes I need two hands to just open the closure (one to hold the bag still, while the other to open the H closure while being gentle enough to not scratch the leather with my fingernail)! So over the past month I've being wanting a Roulis as well! I want a more casual cross body that can transition to night (since my Evelyns don't transition to evening). I tried on the blue tricolor Roulis last week and it was gorgeous but I'm holding out for a different color. Bottom line, I think even if you choose Roulis or Constance, you're still going to want the other bag at a later time! Go with the one you will use the most as your first bag.
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  2. In the US at one of our neighborhood movie theaters and it was a very nice neighborhood!

    Interesting point! The Roulis is too small for me for an everyday bag, but if I had one, I would carry it and just be super aware that the closure could be an issue if in some places. In/out of the car to the dry cleaners, grocery etc. is fine, but to me, it is not the bag to carry in places with many people. For safety I prefer to carry a zipper top bag like the Bolide or a Trim or even my Escapade.
  5. UPDATE!!!

    Thanks to all you fabulous enablers - I ended up getting a vintage Constance and I love it!!! It has a little scratch but it doesn't bother me as I can always send it to the spa so it won't be as noticeable. Figured I could get this now and a Roulis later on. That way I'll have the best of all worlds :smile:

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  6. You got a GORGEOUS Constance!!! Congratulations, and use it in good health!! :drinkup: I hope to see it sometime soon!!
  7. congrats!! she's beautiful! :love:
  8. Beautiful!!! Congrats!

  9. Congratulations! Looks yummy

  10. Congrats! She is gorgeous!
  11. congrats, is it rouge h ?
  12. Yes!!!!! Congrats! It's a stunner.
  13. Wise decision
    Fabulous choice
  14. So pretty! Thanks for bringing up the topic... Wondering the same thing and thinking that either way in the end will end up with both just like someone mentioned was likely to happen!
  15. Congrats! Such a beautiful combo and good call and getting the Constance now and roulis later!