Help me decide: Roulis or Constance

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  1. I've been dreaming of my next H bag (who isn't) and have struggled with what I need to round out my collection. Aside from a clutch, the other bag I need (need being a relative term of course) is a shoulder bag. A few months back, I started a thread because I was looking at a Chanel Boy but in the end, my heart still belongs to H.

    That being said, I never thought I would like a Constance with the big H in the front. However, I tried on a vintage Constance when I was overseas and it was the perfect size. Too bad the reseller was asking for an arm and a leg for it. Since the Constance seems to be rare and I don't think I will ever be offered one since I'm not a VIP, I will probably have to look for a vintage one (hence my signature). Can you even SO or PO a Constance? I don't think I'm there yet but good to know in case by some miracle I'm ever offered the opportunity to do so.

    However, I was searching online and they have a Roulis currently on I'm assuming the Roulis is easier to get so I'm wondering if I should shift my focus from a Constance to a Roulis. For those of you who own both (or either), can you tell me the pros and cons of each?

    Currently I have a B35, K32, plume 32, toolbox 26, evelyne PM, Bolide 35, Drag and Dalvy. I'm also looking for an Evelyne TPM but may decide against it if I find a Roulis or a Constance.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    What size Constance were you looking for? The regular square-use style or élan? The vintage ones I often see are only a single gusset while the current newer ones are double. These answers can help guide my reply.
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    Hi dessert1st!!!! I was thinking square with the single gusset, unless I actually get offered a new one which is unlikely.
  4. I prefer the look of a Constance bag. Personally I prefer the classic styles (except Berline mini). My suggestion is go try the Roulis (i have seen it available at my local boutique regularly) and see if you get the same excitement.

    In terms of SO or PO, I think it is all depends on your local boutique, my local boutique does not accept my request or maybe because I am not a VIP so to make me feel better I was told this...BTW I am on the endless "wish" waiting list.... :lol:
  5. I prefer the Roulis, especially for the non-H hw, but then I have a feeling I will be in a minority here.

    I wouldn't worry about the easy/hard to get thing, get what is first place for you, you are worth more than second best ;)
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  6. Constance please!!!!it is such a chic bag. Hopefully, I will get it one day.
  7. The Roulis seems more casual to me, while the Constance can be both casual and dressy. For example, for a nice dinner I would prefer a Constance. I would get the Constance unless you want the bag to be more under-the-radar.
  8. constance hands down...i have 2 and they are my most fav from my whole collection
  9. Do not veer of course to a Constance bag dear.
    I know it's tempting but patience is a virtue.
    Keep asking for a C every time you're in the boutique.
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  11. Constance. But get the style that will make you happy.
  12. I'm in the minority I'm sure but I would go for the Roulis. I just saw a tri-color in shades of blue that was so luxe looking and they make it in red sombrero which is close to Rouge H. I've seen Roulis in a few colors and it's a very under the radar bag and feels very expensive to me. It's similar to the Boy bag you were considering in my opinion.

    I can't do the big H hardware, I tried with a belt and an XL clic but both have gone to other homes as they made me too self conscious. I think I could do a very vintage Constance because that could be kind of quirky and I loved the natural/rouge H Cartable but missed the window for that one.

    There is a flap front bag coming in Rouge H that you might want to check out, the Harnais. It seems to be the size of a Constance or maybe slightly larger. They should be out soon. It may be something else to consider but I think it's more casual.

    Good luck deciding and of course I hope you have something cool to reveal soon!
  13. I have a Rouge H Roulis in sombrero leather. I love it! It is under the radar and, to me, a great design. I love the lines and proportions.
    It is easy to get in and out of, has internal dividers as well as an external pocket on the back. It really fits my casual lifestyle but can look nice with tailored outfits also.
  14. I am not comfortable with the toggle on the Roulis shoulder strap. I don't trust it to stay secure. I prefer the Constance.
  15. +1. I love the roulis.