help me decide: rouge vif city or work?


which should i get in rouge vif?

  1. city

  2. work

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  1. i ordered a rouge vif in the city already... but now, i'm thinking maybe i should get it in the work. i really like the work style most, since i use it as my toddler bag. i have only one work in magenta. do you guys think having the work in rouge and magenta is too close in color family. :blink: should i stick with the city? since i don't own a "red" family in the city? i would love to hear opinions. tia:flowers:
  2. mornin' esile-girl, i think you should stick w/the rouge city :yes:
  3. not trying to pry but how many city bags do you have? i don't think the rouge and magenta are close in color really.
    if you only have one work and you like it so much i say get the work, especially if you already have a few cities to work with.
  4. I voted for the city beacause I love the city style. Even though I have a work, I don't use it much because it's too big for me.
    Anyway, rouge is an amazing colour and it'll look beautiful on both of them:flowers:
  5. since you already have a Work I'd get a City. I don't think magenta and rouge vif are too close in color at all. Let us know what you decide.
  6. i have 2.
    thanks for everyone's input so far.:flowers:
  7. the bigger the better, i love work!
  8. esile, how about BOTH?!!!! :graucho: :yes: that's a hard choice because you can't go wrong with either :cry: sorry i'm not much help :sad:
  9. I voted for the work. I don't think the 2 colors are too close in color family to have it in the same size. And since you like the Work size more, that's even more reason to get it!
  10. ok- I have a question! I just got back from Barney's and they had one rouge vif in the first- so I got to see the color IRL and it is gorgeous! I want this color in the city BUT I was playing with the work- and I have to say- I love it! Do you think the work would be a good style for me- even if it is barely filled up with anything in it? Do you think it needs to be stuffed with stuff to look good?- or it doesn't matter?
  11. zacorey~ Personally, I don't think The Work needs "to be stuffed with stuff to look good."
    If you needed to carry a lot of stuff, it would be nice to have the option to stuff it, e.g. when traveling. The Work would look fantastic in Rouge and you'd always be able to spot your bag! ;)
  12. I second Edna! :love:
  13. The thing I love about bbags is that they look good stuffed or unstuffed. When somewhat empty, it just slouches, but the extra room is great for times when you do need the extra room. I think the work would be fabulous on you, L dear!
  14. Thanks T!!!! I really am liking the work!
  15. esile- what are you going to do? I wouldn't know what to tell you- I like them both! LOL