Help me decide: RH or RGGH City

Which City - RH or RGGH?

  • RH City - Anthracite

  • RGGH City - Anthracite

Results are only viewable after voting.


Jul 27, 2007
Hi! I plan to get my 2nd Bal bag for my birthday this December. I have decided on the color Anthracite (to match my Money RH in this color). But is torn between RH and RGGH.

Here are my thoughts:
Size - almost same. Weight - RGGH is almost twice heavy and I tend to carry a lot in my bag, has anyone had issues re its weight? At first, I didn't like giant hardwares because of the bling, but when Rose Gold came out, it seems just right. and of course, there's a significant price difference. I find RH casual-looking and GH more elegant.

Please share your opinions :biggrin:

Btw, my first Bal is a Sang Day RH and still lovin it! :smile:


Apr 5, 2009
I also voted RGGH I love RGGH with Anthra it's such a beautiful combo. I have a RH Antrha Velo and I love it but sometimes I feel like the RH with Anthra is kind of plain. I like to have a contrast from my hardware and the color of the bag and I sometimes feel like you can barely notice the RH with Anthra it almost blends right in JMO.


Happy as Larry
May 10, 2009
By the Ocean
I voted for RH because of the weight issue I have with my GGH and SGH... but if there is no weight issue, then Anthra with RGGH is definitely the most gorgeous (color) way to go:smile:


Jul 27, 2007
more than a month of delay.. but it's finally here :yahoo:
thank you ladies for your inputs. RGGH had more votes but in the end i decided to go for RH. Saw a black GH IRL and the giant hardware is just not my thing (maybe for now :P).