Help Me Decide: Reporter or Cabas (Pics)

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  1. Out of desperation I had to take pictures of myself with the bags. What do you girls think? Keep the reporter or the cabas as an everyday bag. The reporter I got at a discount, so it actually cost less than the cabas. Not that that is a huge factor at this point. They are the mini reporter and the baby cabas. I am 5'3" for a reference and 51 years old. In case you think I can't pull of the look.
    img022 (2).jpg Reporter.jpg
  2. Cabas as you see more fake Cambons these days.
  3. i prefer the cabas myself. the reporter seems just too bulky.
  4. i think both look good on u, but i like the baby cabas more:love:

    n OMG, u look like 27-35 for me!seriously!!
  5. baby cabas hands down. i don't really into bulky bag like the reporter :p
  6. I like the cabas on you best. (And most people lie about their aging, claiming they are YOUNGER not OLDER, silly!)
  7. Another vote for the cabas!
  8. I definitely like the cabas better.
  9. i vote cabas! and MY GAWD, you look 35!
  10. the baby cabas looks gorgeous on you. you look 35 to me too. what's your secret?
  11. Cabas looks great on you! And you don't look 51 at all!
  12. I guess it's the cabas. Never mind the bags, this post really boosted my ego. Thanks for the complements. I guess growing up in New York caused a delayed adolecense. We mature much, much later. I got married at 38. Adopted my second child at 46. I'm not getting old gracefully, I'm kicking and clawing the whole way.down.
  13. baby cabas!!
  14. i am glad you decided because i would have been no help at all.. I could not make up my mind
  15. baby cabas, I always thought the reporter looked a big lugagge'ish!

    btw, you look faboulous for being 51. The Cabas looks great on you!