Help me decide quickly!!!....

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  1. I'm going to Nice on holiday tomorrow :yahoo: and i hope this doesn't sound to trivial but you ladies and gents are the only ones who might know what i mean... i dont know which bag to take!!

    Im stuck between my speedy 25 and my nimbus pm in anthracite.... help!! I neeed to decide quickly and i cant!!

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. Nimbus!
  3. Well, if you have no worries about weather, take the Nimbus.. but if you anticipate rain.. take the speedy to minimize stress! lol
  4. Nimbus gets my vote as well!
  5. something where you have the option of shoulder carry - nimbus!
    have a great holiday!!!
  6. Nimbus
  7. ummm... I think for the first time, I'd vote for the speedy. It just seems much easier to take care and the nimbus is leather afterall and I think it would be a shame to get a scratch on the leather during your travels.
  8. I say Nimbus too! Have a good time!!
  9. I'd also take the Nimbus! No worries about the weather and you can carry it on the shoulder. Have fun in Nice! :flowers:
  10. Nimbus ... that way your hands are free for more shopping ... he! he!
  11. Nimbus, it is so comfortable to wear and your hands will be free to shop like crazy!
  12. I say Nimbus !! enjoy your holiday :smile:
  13. Agreed!!
  14. Nimbus! :yes:
  15. Nimbus! Have a great time!