Help me decide, quick!!

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  1. I am having the hardest time picking one of the three bracelets below because I love them all. All 3 of them are on hold for me and I have to make up my mind asap, but I just can't decide which one I want :thinking:

    I love the Camellia Blossom one ( glass pearls are black and blue, RHW ) but the other 2 are so pretty as well.....

    Please help, which one is your favorite and why?
    CIMG0871(3).JPG foto(5).JPG
  2. Camelia blossom coz the double C looks bigger and nicer.
  3. Just based on how you described the bracelets, I'd say go with the Camellia Blossoms.

    Btw, I'm hoping that is the one in the first pic, because I'd pick that one out of the three. HTH!
  4. Yes, it is the first one. I love it too but I can't seem to want to let go of the other 2 either. Thanks for your help ladies :tup:
  5. Black loos the best. It's very special and unique.
  6. I would pick the Camellia Blossom, I like the combination of black and blue beads. Enjoy it (or them :biggrin:)!
  7. Camilla blossom!!
  8. The first pic!
  9. I like the Camillia Blossom for the fall :smile: The other two is cute for spring & summer.
  10. You can't go wrong with either one, but you seem to like the first and it is :loveeyes:
  11. Thank you all, I went ahead and purchased the Camellia Blossom. It was my favorite to begin with. I still like the one in gold with white and pink beads, let's see how I feel in a few days. Ah l'amour.....
  12. i think you definitely made the right choice its gorgeous and can't go wrong with that black its amazing.
  13. Camillia
  14. You have picked the right choice!
  15. the first one