help me decide! quick!

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which one?

  1. blue/orange street shopper

  2. gold street shopper

  3. neither!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i thought that i had this all figured out.... but now hours before i'm going to the boutique i cannot decided between the blue/orange street shopper or the gold. what's a girl to do? i love them both. :crybaby:
    00030t.jpg 00050t.jpg
  2. Ask to see both -- you'll gravitate towards one -- and that'll be the one!
  3. ^ i have seen both. tried both on. and it only made me want both of them.....
  4. I like them both, but I think that the gold is cuter.
  5. I like the blue. I seems more "classic" to me for some reason.
  6. I like the gold one
  7. I like the Blue.
  8. The gold is more neutral so I like that one
  9. GOLD is GORGEOUS !!!!
  10. I saw them on display last week and loved them.I vote for gold.
  11. thanks for all of your suggestions. i'll still not 100% sure on either, but we'll see which one comes home with me.
  12. i love the gold!
  13. I prefer the gold!
  14. I'd get the GOLD! :biggrin:
  15. Neither, for me, but it's your bag so go with gold.