help me decide............PRETTY PLEASE!!


what should I do??

  1. keep BOTH

  2. keep choc carly

  3. keep brown ergo

  4. return both

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  1. Ok at the last PCE I got the choc sig medium carly, it's still NWT.

    At this current PCE I got the vintage leather ergo magazine tote, it's still NWT.

    I LOVE them both but do I really need TWO BROWN BAGS?? you think the sig wallet will go w/the ergo tote??

    So..........should I keep both of these bags or should one go back????


  2. That's a hard one!! Even though they're both brown, they're SO different!! One's signature and the other's leather, totally different bag styles... If the only reason you're contemplating this is because of color, then I don't see why you shouldn't keep both because they're really different. If you're contemplating for any other reasons, I'm gonna have to choose the Carly because I have one and love it. Hehe.

    And even though the middle strip of the wallet matches the leather bag, in my opinion the rest of the wallet doesn't go with it.
  3. I'm loving that tote!!! And I'm not a fan of the Carly anymore...but that tote is awesome. However, I agree with the pp that even though they are both brown, they are 2 totally different bags, so you could really get away with keeping both. I voted for the tote though.
  4. HMMMMM........this is a tough choice....PERSONALLY, and this is ONLY IMO...I prefer signature over leather due to it being VERY LOW MAINTENANCE! I am a SAHM, and do NOT switch bags, so I need a bag that I can carry in ALL kinds of weather (we live in NY, so the weather gets pretty hairy here at times!!!), will resist chocolate covered hands (let me tell you...Coach signature cleaner works WONDERS!!!! LOL) and will just be pretty to look at! I would choose signature EVERY TIME, so in your case, my vote goes to the Carly!! BTW...that wallet, once again, is TDF!!!! GREAT taste!!! Good luck w/ your decision and let us know what you decide!!!!
  5. I guess it's really up to you. Are you eyeballing another bag in one's place? If so, I'd return. But if you love both, like the above poster suggested, they are quite different. Frankly, I'd keep both bags since they are not that similar.

    Both bags are QUITE lovely, btw! Good luck!
  6. do you guys think this wallet would go better with the leather tote??

  7. I say keep them both. If you got them both at PCE you have nothing to feel guilty about- you got a great deal! They are both gorgeous and SO different that I dont think the color matters. I love the monkey on your carly!
  8. and yes to the second wallet, but i do love the first one too
  9. I like both of these bags and I think that they are different enough to keep both!

    I think the wallet you have will go with both purses, but I am not a person that likes things to match perfectly.:p
  10. I love the vintage tote. I'm not a huge carly fan, but that's just me. I agree with the previous posters, though, that they are pretty different. i also love the monkey on that bag! it looks so cute!

    If you don't think that you will use both, then I would return the one that you see yourself using the least. I have to say, though, that the vintage is one awesome looking bag. And I think that your wallet would go well with it - the middle strip seems similar to the leather color.
  11. Oh man!! That's a tough one!!! I have the meduim Choc. Carly, and she's my baby, but that tote is TDF too.....well, I guess you have do decide which is more your style (IF you absolutely cannot keep both). As others have said, they are both very different styles, so which one is more you? Good luck w/ your decision. I voted for the Carly caz I can't go against my own....but gawd that tote is amazing....
  12. If its possible to do this I would so keep both bags they are so different and get the new wallet to go with the tote. It is soooooooo cute!
  13. I voted to keep BOTH! Here is my reason...The Ergo is leather and is more of a "classy" look for those days when you are a little dressed up(not that you cant wear the sig when you are dressed up, the tote would just look classier IMO). The sig is more of an everyday bag. And also, its so close to fall that you will want to have 2 brown bags just for a change. And on top of that...the wallet matches both of the bags perfectly, the sig on the wallet matches the sig bag and the leather strip in the middle matches the tote!! You cant get much better then that!;)
  14. I like them both.. I am wondering though, if you haven't even used the carly in 3 months, do you like it? maybe that is your answer right there! :tup:
  15. I actually didn't use it cuz I was waiting for the choc leather carly to come out so I could decide if I wanted the carly in leather or sig. It came out what like 3 weeks ago and I didn't like it so I decided to keep the sig. I do love it but just haven't gotten around to using it as it's summer and all. I have been using my summery lesportsac tokidoki bag.