Help me decide PLZ.

  1. I have really wanted an A.S. ciao with sebochan , rainbow, sandy and blue latte. I found one with blue latte and rainbow on one side. Sandy is also on that side but her ears are cut off. On the other side is bastardino and his girlfriend . But my favorite is sabochan and he is not on it. And I already have a A.S. bambinone with bastardino's girlfriend on it. Should I get it or wait to find my perfect one?
  2. are you getting this ciao from the outlets?
  3. I say wait til it's perfect, but that's just me.
  4. No, regular price
  5. why don't you try the outlets? i'm getting an a.s. zucca with great placement from the seattle outlet. i have another a.s. zucca with great placement, but i'm getting another with the pink latte and sandy on front.
  6. I am afraid that since I waited this long they wont have any left. Has anyone ordered the same bag I want from there? If you did what characters did you request? :smile:
  7. Where would you be buying it from? If there's a return policy, you can use the however many days you have to take it back to try to find the one with Sabochan... It'll also give you time to really think about if you really want it. I used to do that with my Coach bags... I'd buy it and then stare at it at home for a few days and I'd realize I either really love it or I want to take it back.
  8. Good idea maya. Thanks