Help me decide plz..MC, black or white?

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  1. Ok, I've finally decided to finally get a Wapity tomorrow (or today depending on when you're reading this), should I get the white or black MC? I think the black has more oomph but I've always been needing a "white accesory" for S/S. Plz's either that or the Christian Dior Trotter Boston Bag in the black patent are some pics....which one is more durable???????


  2. id get the dior..just because it'd be more practical...due to its larger size...althought eh wapity is cute, it doesnt' really fit much. jmho.
  3. The DIOR! the trotter is very durable, and more practical :biggrin:
  4. If you just want a camera bag.. I'd go with the Wapity. Personally...I would get black because I think it looks hotter... If you want to use something that's for everyday use and practical, I would go with the Dior bag because it's bigger. The Wapity can only hold like a camera [of course] change, keys, makeup, cigarettes, etc. little things... ya know?
  5. Ok, so you say it's durable then the stitching won't be a problem like we were talking about before...Will I have to worry about it getting dirty?
  6. As far as the Wipity goes, I'd go with the black. But I'm having trouble deciding between the Wipity and the Dior bag because you really can't compare the two...they serve different purposes. The Wipity is great to have because there are going to be days when you don't feel like carrying a handbag (movies, the park, quick trips to the market, etc.) but you still want to look stylish. If you don't think you have enough handbags then get the Dior.
  7. Well the only reason I would get a Wapity is 1) I would just be going to the grocery store, out to eat, etc. or 2) putting it IN my purse when I go out. I have a lot of handbags but no Dior's!!!!!!
  8. i'll pick the boston bag..its more practical..the wapity is too small...but yeah, both are durable....let us know what u pick then!!~
  9. Yep, the boston.

    But if your heart is set on a wapity, I would go with the white one, just because white MC is prettier !
  10. honestly... i will go for the Christian Dior Trotter Boston Bag ...but if you like somethings cute and trendy then go for the wapity black or white..

    here is mine...

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  11. I would go with the boston bag, but between the wapitys, my fave is the white MC!
  12. Thanks guys for all your opinions! Hey, I should get both so I can put the Wapity in the Boston bag! ;)

    At this time, it looks like it's the Boston bag but love to hear what everyone has to say!
  13. hey!!!

    i totally think the Wapity is cute - but totally can't help you out with the colours - black and white are great!!! i totally think the dior bag is cute too... i'd have to say go with dior bag with the wapity inside!!! :smile: good luck!!!
  14. yes get both !!!
  15. I love your suggestion but my wallet is giving you the evil eye! :smile: I still need to get a YSL Muse too but I have a feeling my mother is going to get that for me when I have a baby as a pseudo-baby bag.