help me decide pls...

  1. nxt mth im going to get either :
    mono speedy 30
    mandarin epi leather pochette & small/mini vernis agenda (maybe in hazelnut)

    i'm a 20y.o design student. this is going to be my 1st own lv purchase, i used to borrow my mom's lv-bags, n now i've decided to b an owner *lol so excited:P *. I dont want to bother my mom to buy me more handbags (she already send me money for rent+living every month, n now i already have my own income eventhough its just a lil amount of money :shame:smile: so i'll use my savings to buy em, my budget is +-600 u$...

    i luv the mandarin epi so much. I dont have many small-bags coz i usually carry lots of stuffs so if i get the pochette, i'll use it for make up bag most of d time, evening bag-sometimes.
    i write n organize my schedule regularly, thats why i really want an agenda...
    for the speedy30, i think its big enough to carry all my daily stuffs, the downside is if i get d speedy, i'll only get 1 item, besides that i already have plenty of medium-big handbags that i still love..

    pls help me guys... i'm so confuse rite now :Push: what should i get? n which is more suitable for me in your opinion? thxxx b4!
  2. Since you're a student and would be primarily using your Epi for makeup and/or evening bag, you would definitley get more use out of the Speedy. Yea, you may have other med-sized bags, but not an LV Speedy!! :smile:

    It's more functional yet stylish too.
  3. I vote for the Speedy 30 as well. I had a Speedy 25, sold it, then later on bought a Red Epi pochette. Although I absolutely ADOREd the pochette, I didn't get many uses out of it. It was too small to carry around during the day and the red stood out quite a bit. It was hard to match w/many different colored outfits. So, I ended up selling it. And since I so regretted selling the Speedy, I just ended up buying a Speedy 30 last week. HTH!
  4. I agree with the others. The speedy is a classic and it's functional. It's a great start to your LV collection. You can always get a pochette and an agenda later, but I'd go with something a little more practical to start off with.
  5. what about the agenda ? if i get the pochette i can get the agenda too, but if i get the speedy i wont be able to have it :wacko: .... i really really want all of emmm aaarrGh :sad:
  6. Speedy! Every girl has to have at least one!

  7. I'll take the speedy 30.
  8. i'll vote for the speedy 30 it's a lovely bag
  9. Speedy, definitely.
  10. That's always the problem! ;) lol Seriously, though, I say get the speedy. I don't think you'll regret it. I don't know anyone who wasn't happy with a speedy.
  11. Speedy gets my vote!
  12. Definitely speedy.
  13. Speedy. It's roomy and a classic.
  14. Speedy, Speedy, Speedy...speedy!!!!!
  15. Hi folks,
    definitely a speedy!
    (although i don hv a speedy but i intend to buy one soon.