help me decide...pls


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Apr 6, 2008
I'm contemplating on buying an everyday-bag. I am 5 ft 3" tall and normally wear casual outfit esp. jeans (with a little bit of feminine touch).
I am now 26 yrs old....but my style isn't that mature. I don't want to buy something that official since I'm working for my family business.

Here are my choices
1) LV Palermo pm (love the pleat and the little gold hardware on the zip - everything is OK except the "cowhide")
2) Miu Miu Coffer (love the new colors- metallic blue and grey but prefer the sheep skin version)
3) balenciaga day GGH it too casual? and is it too long for my body?
4) balenciaga pompom GH or covered hardware (can it fit my shoulder without using the long strap)

As the EUROs keeps depreciating, I have to take this chance of buying cheap. But I really can't decide....I couldn't sleep because of this.:confused1: