help me decide..pls

  1. I decided to get the vernis framboise zippy wallet. I'm going to exchange my framboise agenda and pick out a different one. Which should I get that will look cute with the framboise wallet?? My thoughts are a vernis pomme, vernis noisette, mc, or just a mono one? thanks for your help!!!:love:
  2. I vote pomme! That color is simply stunning and makes everything else look plain IMO
  3. Definitely the's gorgeous.
  4. Perle!!! It'd give framboise or pomme great contrast!
  5. Pomme!!!
  6. vernis pomme
  7. Do you think a vernis agenda also..would be too much vernis goin on???:confused1:
  8. What about the koala with the pink lining??
  9. My vote for MC... I love MC :amuse:
  10. Pomme!!!
  11. Koala pink lining or pomme!
  12. pomme and framboise look great together!
  13. Pomme hands down!
  14. Another vote for the pomme
  15. my vote is for pomme