Help me decide pls! Besace or RG??

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  1. I am hoping to own my first YSL and have a hard time deciding between these 2 models.
    I fell in love with them because these 2 are "different" than my other bags - that they are messenger-style bags.

    (+) Besace to me is fun and funky at the same time. It looks casual without being too boring.
    (-) I feel that's it. This model is more appropriate for casual wear. Am I wrong?
    (+) I like RG because it can be worn three ways (hold it by the handle, handle at shoulder, and use the strap across body). This RG seems like a bag that can go from day at the park to evening dinner.
    (-) Unfortunately my Prada Cervo shopper has similar purpose although I can't wear the handle on my shoulder but it also has a strap and I can wear this bag from day to night. ...

    I understand that the strap is not adjustable for both models???
    How about sizing? Besace comes in 2 sizes (Small and Medium) whereas RG comes in medium and large??

    For those who own these, could you help me decide? Any (+) and (-) from owning the bags would be helpful.
    Thank You.
  2. I have both, and RG is a real bag. Besace is fun, for going out, RG is a great work bag. Besace strap can not be even the longest - crossbody, RG is perfect crossbody (I am 5"5). Having Prada cervo, I think besace would be different. I have never managed to carry RG well with handles on my shoulder. It just is not practical. Besace is real shoulder bag. Although it does not feel stable on the shoulder, that does not bother me. I hope I was of some help. I have RG ivory and just bought but do not have yet glazed tan, besace I have black bubbly and gray nubuck. Besaces are my favorite fun-funky bags, but RG is more serious, large like work bag but also more serious and elegant than besace. I would get both, because either one ou get, you will be sorry you did not get the other. Again, with Prada cervo, perhaps you willl not miss another cros body bigger bag.

    By the way, besace measures look small, but that is a spacious bag. It came out in two sizes, but the larger is rarely seen, I just saw pics of tan (gorgeous messanger) and black deerskin sometimes appears on ebay. All the ones sold in boutiques are medium (11x11).
    I have large RG because I need large for work (15x11), but there is smaller medium size - 14x10.

    I will post some modeling pics for those when I return home from vacation is few weeks, for not you can see them on my collection, below in my signature.

    Cheers, Vesna
  3. i love and bought me, I love Besace more over the weekend and prefer RG during week days. RG can tone down your business suits and add relaxation to your look. In addition, RG can be worn during weekend to add style to the causal look. Both are great!
  4. I have two Besace's and consider them the perfect bag. I had an RG but returned it. The RG is a more sophisticated bag, where as the besace is is more casual. I love the organization of the besace with it's outside pocket (perfect for cell), outside slot pocket (perfect for papers/coupons/ads), and inside phone pocket and zipped pocket. The RG only has the inside phone and zip pocket. Plus the besace is so easy to get in and out of. If you are looking for a truly classy bag, then the RG fits the bill. But if you want a fun utilitarian bag, then go with the besace.
  5. you should get the besace as you already mentioned that your prada cervo serves the same purpose as the RG, and the besace seems to fit your needs for a messenger bag. sometimes, your bag for the day depends on your needs, how you're dressed and what you plan on doing that day.