Help me decide? pleasee

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  1. Hi, to start of im new at the blog but i just have found my deepest fashion por bags so here i am

    The thing is im getting my first 2 louis ever :smile:, i have decided for sure i want the Damier Azur Speedy 30 BUT for my other im not sure wether to choose another speedy 30 in either Monogram or Damier Ebene. Which should I choose?

    Would it be silly to have both the damier ones?
  2. I own two Damier Speedies, but one is a Speedy 25 (Ebene) and the other is a Speedy 30 (Azur). Get what YOU want...I guarantee you if you don't go with your heart you will end up returning/selling one bag to get the original one you really wanted. HTH and good luck!
  3. Thankyouu im thinking i might just buy the 2 damier in 30s, still you cant go wrong with a loui right?
  4. I'm sure u will end up with the triplets sooner or later so it doesn't really matter which two u get first lol.
  5. It's nice to have a non-vachetta bag for rainy days. Personally, I like the speedy better in Damier. My eventual mono speedy will be a perfect little LE (or a Mirage if I could find one, sigh - that is my dream bag)
  6. I would say to try one speedy and try another basic, like the Neverful, as then you have 2 style options and 2 different colors! Then you will know if you love to carry the Speedy all the time or love to carry it on certain times, etc, and will help you with purchase decisions in the future. That's personally what I would do.
  7. mono imo