Help me decide please!

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  1. I don't know who else to ask, and I know there are plenty of OCD (about bags at least!) members here to help me ;) I've had my SA locate this bag for me after a past debacle of being sent the wrong bag, but the long crease going across the front of the flap is bothering me. I know this is a distressed look, but I prefer an uneven distressing. I can be a bit OCD about my bags and I feel like this will bother me. What do you guys think, is the line bad or will it blend in over time/with use? I'm not one who can buy bags continually so this will be my last purchase for awhile!! I feel like such an annoyance to my SA at this point too! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393526308.152765.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393526325.434022.jpg
  2. For me it doesn't look that bad... This is a gorgeous reissue in navy (?), so I would go for it!
  3. It's gorgeous to me!! I'm sure will will blend or even out with use...
  4. I think I'm just being neurotic. I also decided there's nothing wrong with it! I've bought bags with flaws in the past that just constantly bugged me, so I think I'm over analyzing! Thanks for the input, it is much appreciated!!
  5. I think we were separated at birth.. I had an almost identical situation and in the end I embraced the crease - mine too had a not completely natural looking crease and I just kept staring at it. I was so torn Bout what to do with this several thousand $ bag I had to have . Ok so I decide to google images of my bag, visited spotted fashion and the daily mail fashion site and any other site I could view images ... It's all good. Some 7 months after I bought my bag I love it . So just when you think you are the cra cra bag whack job - there's ME!

    👜💜🗼 SB
  6. Oops love you bag!
  7. If you decided it won't bother you, then keep away. But if it bothers you, return/exchange it. you dont want to have it keep nagging you and regretting not returning/exchanging it
  8. Stunningly gorgeous. You aren't alone in your OCD as you have stated; you have much company here. I hope that your love for this stunning color will help you to overcome any reticence about this bag. If you look at it, the line isn't really straight across, it's going up each quilt a tad, kind of like a stairway to bag heaven. :smile:
  9. LMAO, I literally LOL'd!! I even had to read this to DH because we were completely separated at birth :smile: so glad you were able to overcome the probably non existent crease in your bag as I hope that I will be able to in mine!
  10. A stairway to bag heaven... Love it!!

    Thanks you everyone, all of these comforting words have really helped me. I can't wait to get this beauty in my hands, hopefully it will be worth all of the hassle in the end!